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Flag of Kwara
Location of the State of Kwara in Nigeria
Location of the State of Kwara in Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°30′N 5°00′E / 8.500°N 5.000°E / 8.500; 5.000Coordinates: 8°30′N 5°00′E / 8.500°N 5.000°E / 8.500; 5.000
Country Nigeria
Geopolitical ZoneNorth Central
Date created27 May 1967
Number of LGAs16
 • BodyGovernment of Kwara State
 • Governor
Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman (APC)
 • Deputy GovernorKayode Alabi
 • LegislatureKwara State House of Assembly
 • SenatorsC: Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe (APC)
N: Suleiman Sadiq Umar (APC)
S: Lola Ashiru (APC)
 • RepresentativesList
 • Total36,825 km2 (14,218 sq mi)
Area rank9th of 36
 (2006 census)
 • Total2,365,353[1]
 • Rank30th of 36
 • Year2007
 • Total$3.84 billion[2]
 • Per capita$1,910[2]
Time zoneUTC+01 (WAT)
postal code
ISO 3166 codeNG-KW
HDI (2018)0.567[3]
medium · 20th of 37
Website"Kwara State Government"

Kwara (Yoruba: Ìpínlẹ̀ Kwárà) is a state in Western Nigeria. Its capital is Ilorin. Kwara is located within the North Central geopolitical zone. The primary ethnic group is Yoruba, with significant Fulani, Nupe, and Bariba minorities.[4] [5]kwara comprises 16 local government areas.


Kwara State was created on 27 May 1967, when the Federal Military Government of General Yakubu Gowon broke the four regions that then constituted the Federation of Nigeria into 12 states. At its creation, the state was made up of the former Ilorin and Kabba provinces of the then Northern Region and was initially named the West Central State but later changed to "Kwara", a local name for the River Niger, in the Hausa language.[6]

Kwara State has since 1976 reduced considerably in size as a result of further state creation exercises in Nigeria. On 13 February 1976, the Idah/Dekina part of the state was carved out and merged with a part of the then Benue/Plateau State to form Benue State.[7]

On 27 August 1991, five Local Government areas, namely Oyi, Yagba, Okene, Okehi and Kogi were also excised to form part of the new Kogi State, while a sixth, Borgu Local Government Area, was merged with Niger State.[8] The major populated local governments are Ilorin and Offa.[9]

Kwara state has numerous mineral resources such as tourmaline, tantalite, and many mineral deposits in the northern part. Cocoa and Kolanut in the Southern parts Oke - Ero, Ekiti and Isin LGA.[10]


As of 2006, the population of Kwarans was 2.37 million based on the Nigeria 2006 Census.[1] This population size constitutes about 1.69% of the Nation's total population having relied upon immigration for population growth and socioeconomic development.[11]

Residents of the state are sometimes referred to as Kwarans.[12]


Languages of Kwara State listed by LGA:[13]

LGA Languages
Asa Yoruba
Baruten Baatonum and Bokobaru
Edu Nupe
Ekiti Yoruba
Ifelodun Yoruba
Ilorin East Yoruba
Ilorin South Yoruba
Ilorin West Yoruba
Isin Yoruba
Irepodun Yoruba
Kaiama Bokobaru
Moro Yoruba
Offa Yoruba
Oke Ero Yoruba
Oyun Yoruba
Pategi Nupe

Local Government Areas[edit]

Kwara State consists of sixteen Local Government Areas.[14] They are:


Kwara has a federal university, the University of Ilorin, a state university, Kwara State University and four other privately owned Universities: Al-Hikmah University, Landmark University, Summit University,[15] Crown Hill University,[16] Thomas Adewumi University,[17] Ahman Pategi University[18] and University of Offa.[19][20] Kwara also has five approved polytechnics; a federal polytechnics, Federal Polytechnic Offa, a state owned polytechnics, Kwara State Polytechnic and three privately owned: The Polytechnic Igbo Owu, Lens Polytechnic, Graceland Polytechnic.[21] Of the fifteen Colleges of Education in Kwara State, eleven are owned by private establishments: College of Education Ilemona, Muhyideen College of Education, Kinsey College of Education, Ilorin, Kwara State, Moje College of Education Erin-Ile, Imam Hamzat College of Education, ECWA College of Education, College of Education Offa, Nana Aisha College of Education, Adesina College of Education, Pan African College of Education, while the state government founded three: Kwara State College of Education Ilorin, College of Education Oro, Kwara State College of Education (Technical) Lafiagi and one federal government's institution offering NCE: Nigeria Army School of Education.[22] There is also a navy school, Nigerian Navy School of Health Science Irra Road Offa and aviation college, International Aviation College, Ilorin.[23]


Drummers in Ijomu Oro village, Kwara State.

Important tourist attractions in Kwara State include Esie Museum, Owu waterfalls, Imoleboja Rock Shelter, Ogunjokoro, Kainji Lake National Parks, now in Niger State and Agbonna Hill Awon Mass Wedding in Shao. There is also Sobi Hill amongst others which is the largest landform in Ilorin, the state capital.[24] A huge natural reserve also divides the state into East and West.


Ilorin Train Station in Kwara
Ilorin Train Station in Kwara

The Nigerian Railway Corporation extends services from Lagos through the state to the northern part of the country. The Ilorin Airport is a major center for both domestic and international flights and has now been built up into a hub for transportation of cargoes.[25]


Agriculture is the main source of the economy and the principal cash crops are: cotton, cocoa, coffee, Kolanut, tobacco, beniseed and palm produce. Kwara is home to Shonga Farms, a product of the Back-to-Farm project of one of its governments and made up of 13 commercial farmers. Mineral resources in the state are Petroleum, Gold, limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, quartz and granite rocks.[26]


Industries in the state include ●Dangote Flour Mill, ●Lubcon Lubricant Company, ●Kam Industries Nigeria Ltd, ●Tuyil Pharmacy Nig Ltd, ●Padson Industries NiG Ltd,[27] ●Kwara Breweries, ●Peace Standard Pharmaceutical Industrial Limited, ●Ijagbo Global Soap and Detergent Industry, ●United Match Company, ●Tate and Lyle Company, ●Resinoplast Plastic Industry, ●Latbash interiors, ●LandB group, ●Phamatech Nigeria Limited, ●Kwara Textiles ●Kwara Furniture Company all in Ilorin.

Others are ●Paper Manufacturing Industry, Jebba, ●Okin Foam and Okin Biscuits, Offa, ●Kay Plastic, Ganmo ●Kwara Paper Converters Limited, Erin-ile. ●Sugar Producing Company, Bacita, ●Kwara animal Feed Mall, Ilorin ●Agricultural Products Company.[citation needed]


  • Hygiene and Sanitation

The Government of Nigeria is increasingly aware of problems emanating from poor environmental sanitation and Kwara state is working on improving its environment and sanitation.[28] On September 22, 2020, Kwara state governor, officially commenced the 'Clean Kwara' Campaign to end open defecation and promote good hygiene in the state.[29] The state government is working to fix all the roads and waterways to ensure free water flow,[30] putting in efforts to ensure water sanitation,[31] building toilets and making clean water accessible.[31] This is also to promote Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 6 (general access to safe and affordable drinking water and access to adequate and equitable sanitation, hygiene for all, and end open defecation by 2030)[29]


Sporting activities are managed by the State Sports Council. The importance attached to sports led to the construction of a stadium complex. The facilities available at the stadium complex are mainbowl, indoor sports hall, hostel, recreational press center as well as an Olympic size swimming pool. The state is actively represented both in football and basketball. The state is the home to the Kwara United Football Club, ABS FC and Kwara Falcons Basketball Club.

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