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Kwari River (also spelled as Kuwari or Kunwari River) flows through Morena and Bhind districts of Madhya Pradesh in central India. The start or origin place of the river is located at Devpura village.

Kwari is a tributary of Chambal River and joins it in Etawah District. Chambal River joins Yamuna River further down the stream. The river flow is not fast. Towns like Bijeypur of Sheopur district and Kailaras of Morena district are located along its bank.

Kwari River is one of the tributary rivers of the Madhya Pradesh state. Kwari River often spelled as Kuwari or Kunwari River is the water stream flowing in Morena and Bhind Districts of Madhya Pradesh. The state being centrally located in India has many rivers flowing through and merging ahead in other states and Kwari River is one of them. Lalor village in morena who believs that rivers are our god and godess and kwari river is one such pure river who is always fresh as it is named kwari, one which is not married and is pure in all senses. Dandotiya clain in this village worship this river as its devi river. Kwari River is a tributary river of Kali Sindh river that joins Etawah district that further merges into Yamuna River. Small districts like Kailasras, Bijeypur, Sheopur, and Morena are located at the banks of this river. The Kwari River has a length of 139.49 kilometers. Being a chief tributary of Kali Sindh River which rises from the Vindhya Range and flows down to Madhya Pradesh the river is said to be the best resource of water for its surrounding districts. This river from its source flows north to southeastern Rajasthan State. Being one of the tributaries of Kali Sindh River in Madhya Pradesh State, the total catchment of the river is 23999 km. This is not a big river, but a smaller version of the water stream that flows through Madhya Pradesh. The river also has its mentioning in the epic of the great Mahabharata along with the Betwa and Charmanwati River. Origin of Kwari River Kwari River has been branched out from the Kali Sindh River of Madhya Pradesh State, extending from north east to southwestern region and merging ahead with other river of the Rajasthan and surrounding states. For instance the river has predominant importance in the mythology and in its own state. The river is considered to be a sacred river by the members of the Hindu religion. The river is considered sacred because it is often connected with the beliefs about the salvation and about paying homage to the ancestors.

Geography of Kali Sindh River The river plays a potential role in the biodiversity conservation of terrestrial organisms. Apart from giving new insight by giving importance of this sacred river, as far as aquatic biodiversity conservation is concerned, the research outcome has pointed to the effectiveness of an old age participatory conservation tactic still exists. Course The course of the Kwari River branches out from the main river Kali Sindh River of Madhya Pradesh. The river flows from northern direction covering the districts such as Bijyepur, Sheopur, Morena, and Kailasras further merges into Yamuna River. Though the river isn’t that huge but the surrounding district's irrigation and drinking water is facilitated through this river. Tributaries Kwari River of Madhya Pradesh branches out from the Kali Sindh River, therefore doesn’t have its own tributaries. The river finishes at the meeting points of the other rivers that are: Yamuna Yamuna River doesn’t need any introduction. The river flows across many states and one of them is Madhya Pradesh. The total geographical area of the Yamuna basin in Madhya Pradesh merging all these small and big water streams is approximately 143358 km. The water covers the greatest resources for drinking and irrigation purposes. The major rivers of this Yamuna basin in Madhya Pradesh are Chambal, Kali Sindh, Betwa, Jamni, Kwari and Dhasan. Kali Sindh The Kali Sindh River is the chief river flowing in the Madhya Pradesh State. The river originates from the Malwa plateau in the Vidisha district and flows towards southwest through Madhya Pradesh to join the Yamuna River in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. The river flows further joining together with Yamuna and Chambal River. Kwari River is the chief tributary, the water stream merges to various waterways crossing the border state. Chambal River Chambal River is said to be the main tributary of Yamuna River and rises in the Vindhya Range just south of Madhya Pradesh State. Turning towards northeast, it flows past the Kota district covering the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan State. The Kali Sindh, Kwari, Sipra, Parbati, and Banas are its main tributaries. Pahuj River Pahuj River is an Indian river flowing into the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh state. It is one of the tributary that merge along with the Kwari River, further joining the Yamuna River in Etawah Uttar Pradesh.

Coordinates: 26°25′49″N 79°11′10″E / 26.43015°N 79.18599°E / 26.43015; 79.18599