Kwenge River

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Coordinates: 4°50′25″S 18°43′19″E / 4.840404°S 18.721991°E / -4.840404; 18.721991 The Kwenge River is a stream in the Bandundu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It flows north from the Angolan border through the Kwango and Kwilu districts, joining the Kwilu River below Kikwit.[1] Lusanga, formerly Leverville, is at the confluence of the Kwenge and Kwilu rivers.[2]

The land between the Kwilu and the Kwenge was first occupied be the Pende people.[3] The Suku people, who came to the region from the Kwango River valley in the 1800s, live in the savanna region between the upper Bakali and Kwenge rivers.[4] The lowest part of the river valley contains strips of periodically or permanently flooded land.[5]


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