Kwigiumpainukamiut, Alaska

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Kwigiumpainukamiut is a ghost town in Bethel Census Area, Alaska, United States located between Chuathbaluk and Napaimute, directly across the river from Kolmakoff Island. It is a clearing about 200 yards (200 m) long. In the early spring, it is covered with tan-colored grass and is easier to see.

Further reading[edit]

  • The Kwig Dig: The Kwigiumpainukamiut Archeology Project (see here)
  • Redding-Gubitosa, Donna (1992). Excavations at Kwigiumpainukamiut: a multi-ethnic historic site, southwestern Alaska. University of California, Los Angeles. OCLC 26124842. 

Coordinates: 61°34′07″N 159°13′33″W / 61.5686°N 159.2258°W / 61.5686; -159.2258