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Not to be confused with Quik Trip, the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based chain of convenience stores.
Kwik Trip, Inc.
Industry Retail
Founded 1965
Headquarters La Crosse, Wisconsin
Number of locations
400+ (2013)[1]

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in northeast Iowa under the name Kwik Star (to avoid confusion with QuikTrip). The company also operates stores under the name Hearty Platter and Tobacco Outlet Plus. Kwik Trip, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and has more than 400 locations under its various names.[2]

Unlike many other convenience store chains, the company is vertically integrated across most of its product lines. It carries bag/pitcher milk and orange juice in pouches under the Nature's Touch brand via its in-house dairy. These pouches are notable for the Milk Moola banner on the top of the pouches (however the products are also offered in traditional jugs and bottles). Milk Moola is a Kwik Trip program that provides funding for schools, offering five cents per clipped pouch top. The program uses the catchphrase "Moola for Your Schoola". Kwik Trip also has an internal bakery operation which provides sliced and wrapped bread, doughnut and muffin products to its stores, along with a store brand snack line under the "Urge" branding.

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star store operations[edit]

Kwik Trip store

Kwik Trip/Kwik Star stores employ a mixture of full-time and part-time employees. In addition to a store leader, each store employs about 3-5 shift leaders. These employees are responsible for overseeing store operations while the store leader is out of the store. Additionally, each store has a food service leader and assistant food service leader responsible for overseeing the individual store's hot food program, ensuring that appropriate amounts of food are made and sold and the program continues to grow according to company expectations. Depending on store size and location, an assistant store leader may be employed. District leaders supervise multiple stores in a given region, and zone leaders supervise multiple districts.

Workplace honors[edit]

Kwik Trip sign at Mauston, Wisconsin

In 2011, Kwik Trip was named by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as the number one large workplace (over 500 employees) for workers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Kwik Trip beat out Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) for the first spot.


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