Kwilu District

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Coordinates: 05°02′S 018°49′E / 5.033°S 18.817°E / -5.033; 18.817

Kwilu District
Location of Kwilu District in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Location of Kwilu District in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Bandundu

Kwilu District is a district located in the Bandundu province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It takes its name from the Kwilu River, which crosses the district from south to north.

Under the constitution of 18 February 2006, Kwilu District was scheduled to be combined with the city of Kikwit to become Kwilu Province, one of the 25 new provinces into which the DRC would be divided by February 2009.[1] Kikwit would be a capital of the new province. As of July 2011 this decentralization had not happened.[2]

Administrative areas[edit]

Towns and territories are:

Former province[edit]

Kwilu was a province from 1962 to 1966, but in 1964 the administration was taken over by the central government due to a rebellion in southwestern Congo. A rebel administration under Pierre Mulele ran most of Kwilu province from January 1964.[3] The province was reconquered by the legal government in June 1965. The provincial government was restored on January 18, 1966, but the province was merged with Kwango District and Mai-Ndombe District to create Bandundu province.


  • 8 Sep 1962 - 18 Jan 1964 Norbert Leta
  • Jan 1964 - Nov 1964 Pierre Mulele (b. 1929 - d. 1968)
    • (commander-in-chief and Head of the General Direction)


  • 18 Jan 1966 - 25 Apr 1966 Henri-Désiré Takizala


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