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Kwisp is a psychedelic rock band formed in San Francisco. They include members of the legendary Fifty Foot Hose, who are best known for their rather large influence on experimental music.[1] Fifty Foot Hose has been cited as an influence by such bands as Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu and Chrome.

Their first album, Teriyaki Vest Odyssey, merged Elf songs, free jazz, Dada, Δϑ ±µÇ and Tantric Appalachian Pygmy Music. The main core member is Altered Walter Funk, and Reid Johnston also plays on many of the tracks.

Kwisp currently has two released recordings, Teriyaki Vest Odyssey, and Altered States of Alien Kwisp.

Fifty Foot Hose founder, Cork Marcheschi was a guest on Teriyaki Vest Odyssey for one song. Kwisp's second album, Altered States of Alien Kwisp is a musical collaboration between Kwisp and Daevid Allen from the band Gong.

Kwisp is sometimes joined live by Daevid Allen from Gong, also Lenny Bove from Tripod Jimmie and Fifty Foot Hose.

Some live performances feature hologlyphic animations that animate along with the music, using a custom built hologlyphic video synthesizer.

The Hologlyphic Video Synthesizer, called the Hologlyphic Funkalizer, projects Hologlyphic Glyphs that animate and spatially transform into each other, controlled by unique sound sculptures and a dedicated control panel. Moving hologlyphs and music become one, they are integrated and inter-modulating.