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KxK (also spelt KXK and Kxk) Guitars, established in 1997, is a guitar company whose specialty lies mainly in custom guitars for heavy metal artists. All their instruments are made in the United States and are handcrafted. The company will start doing a new KK Downing signature series.

Notable musicians[edit]

Prominent guitars[edit]

  • KK Downing Custom V (As used by KK Downing, Judas Priest)
  • WarfaceV (As used by Laura Christine, Warface)
  • SSV Series (As used by Steve Swanson, Six Feet Under)
  • WarriorV (As used by Karl Sanders, Nile)
  • V1 Series
  • 7 String V
  • New 7 string
  • BSG (As used by Tommy Gibbons, Koama)

Custom guitars[edit]

  • Karl Sanders double neck WarriorV
  • V1 with recessed "The Mandrake" logo
  • Custom SSV (different variants)
  • OM-1 with Bat/Moon inlays
  • V1 black with neon green bevels
  • Graveside's custom left hand guitar
  • 7 string prototype. Tone pros bridge, Dimarzio X2N-7
  • 6 string prototype with Kahler bridge EMG 81/85
  • 7 string 27 fret Warrior V reverse head.
  • 8 string Prototype

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