Kyōsuke Kindaichi

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Kyōsuke Kindaichi
Kyosuke Kindaichi blownup.jpg
Born(1882-03-05)March 5, 1882
DiedNovember 14, 1971(1971-11-14) (aged 89)
Resting placeTokyo
Other names金田一 京助
RelativesSon: Haruhiko Kindaichilinguist
Japanese name
Kanji金田一 京助
Hiraganaきんだいち きょうすけ

Kyōsuke Kindaichi (金田一 京助, Kindaichi Kyōsuke, May 5, 1882 – November 14, 1971) was a Japanese linguist from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. He is chiefly known for his dictations of yukar, or sagas of the Ainu people, as well as his study of the Matagi dialect. Linguist Haruhiko Kindaichi was his son. His grandson is Keio University Professor Emeritus, Russian scholar, and president of University of Nagano, Masumi Kindaichi.


Kindaichi was also active as a poet and had good contacts with Ishikawa Takuboku. He is also the author of the dictionary Meikai Kokugo Jiten.

In popular culture[edit]

A fictionalised Kindaichi appears in the anime Woodpecker Detective's Office.


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