Kya Huaa Tera Vaada

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada
क्या हुआ तेरा वादा
What About Your Promise
Kya Hua Tera Vaada.jpg
Intertitle Of Kya Hua Tera Vaada
Genre Indian soap opera
Created by Ekta Kapoor
Written by Story
Sonali Jaffar
Dilip Jha, Archita Biswas Jha, Damini K Shetty, Vinod Ranganathan & Nandini Arora
Dheeraj Sarna
Directed by Ravindra Gautam, Muzammil Desai, Navneet Baj Saini, Partho Mitra & Raminder Singh Suri
Creative director(s) Doris Dey & Chloe Ferns
Starring See Below
Theme music composer Lalit Sen
Lenin Nandi
Hriju Roy
Opening theme Kya Huaa Tera Vaada
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 276
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Location(s) Mumbai, India
Cinematography Deepak Malwankar
Editor(s) Viraj sharma
Vishal Sharma
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Production company(s) Balaji Telefilms
Original network Sony TV
Picture format 720i (SDTV)
Original release 30 January 2012 – 23 May 2013
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Kya Huaa Tera Vaada (International Title:The Promise) is an Indian soap opera that premiered on 30 January 2012 and went off air on 23 May 2013, on Sony Entertainment Television India. It also airs on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The show stars Mona Singh and Pawan Shankar as the protagonists and Mauli Ganguly as the antagonist. Kya Huaa Tera Vaada is produced by Balaji Telefilms.



Kya Huaa Tera Vaada is the story of Pradeep Singh (Pawan Shankar) and Mona Singh (Mona Singh), a young couple who lives in Mumbai with their three children Bulbul, Rano And Rajbeer. Between their work, they try their best to find time for each other. But every time, their children create a wedge between them. Pradeep works in a multinational company and Mona is simple but ideal housewife. The plot revolves around their lives twelve years after their marriage.

The wedge between the couple becomes more pronounced when Pradeep starts an affair with Anushka (Mauli Ganguly), his old college friend and his present boss in his company whom he had been in love with, before agreeing to an arranged marriage with Mona. When the affair is revealed, Pradeep leaves Mona and moves in with Anushka, filing for divorce from Mona. Thus begins Mona's battle for her own identity and that of her children to show Pradeep and Anushka that she is more than just a mere housewife.

Finally Mona gets a job in Vineet Raizada (Darshan Pandya)'s company, which has been joined with Anushka's company. Anushka tries to creates problems for Mona in office but fails.As time passes Mona proves herself and becomes the president of the company along with Anushka. In all this time Pradeep realizes his love for Mona and thinks of giving a second chance to their marriage but they cannot. A marriage proposal comes for Mona of Jatin Chopra (Hiten Tejwani) who is the son of Pradeep's father's friend but Mona refuses to marry as she still cares for Pradeep. Vineet falls in love with Mona and expresses his desire to marry her. But Mona is not ready for it. Soon, Mona and Pradeep's divorce procedure starts. Mona's father-in-law gets a heart attack and makes Mona and Vineet promise that they will get married. Pradeep hears this and asks Anushka to marry him. Anushka tries to break Vineet and Mona's relationship by creating misunderstandings between them but fails.

Meanwhile, a mysterious person named Shaurya Mitra (Chetan Hansraj) enters their lives. It is revealed that he is Anushka's old husband.Shaurya Mitra comes back pretending to be her cousin brother, and later he blackmails her for money. Anushka tries to steal money from the company locker but fails. Finally, she steals the money Pradeep's father had arranged for Mona's wedding. But when she is caught, she blames Shaurya for stealing the money.

Anushka then sells a property as she has to give him 10 million and get their marriage certificate back from him. But Shaurya has a second copy and he plans to give that to Pradeep. Anushka finds it out and gets into a fight with him and eventually kills him. At the same time, Pradeep comes into the place in drunken state where the murder was committed and the police accuse him of being the murderer. The same night Mona and Vineet's wedding is to be held, but Mona, on getting the news of the arrest tells the police Pradeep was with her the last night and hence, he is not to be accused. This saves him. Pradeep also tells Anushka that he does not want to marry her anymore, as she is least bothered about him and he is just a fantasy for her.

Mona comes to stay at Pradeep's house till Pradeep is proved innocent. Anushka tries to make Vineet think that Pradeep and Mona are close but the plan goes in vain.Anushka's younger adoptive brother Tarun (Raunaq Ahuja)falls in love with Pradeep's younger sister Taani(Priya Chauhan) and they decide to get married.Mona gets Shaurya and Anushka's marriage certificate.Mona proves that Anushka was Shaurya Mitra's wife in the court. She also gets proof of Pradeep's innocence. On their wedding anniversary, Pradeep sends Mona to an announcement party of business project deal of Vineet and Rajat Kapur (Sameer Kochhar) (from Bade Acche Lagte Hain) with Vineet. Anushka decides to kill Mona and also goes to the party.

In the party (a crossover of the two Mega serials, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Kya Huaa Tera Vaada), Anushka first points gun at Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) (from Bade Acche Lagte Hain) and Ram Kapoor tries to snatch the gun from Anushka and gets shot in an attempt to save Priya. After that when Anushka tries to shoot Mona, Pradeep comes in between to save her and is shot. Both Ram Kapoor and Pradeep are admitted to the hospital and are critical. Priya and Mona are together praying for their husbands. Ram Kapoor is saved. Pradeep is very serious and is being operated on. Anushka goes there and tells Pradeep the biggest secret of their life, their daughter. Anushka reveals that after she left Pradeep, she came to know that she was pregnant with Pradeep's child. She tried to contact Pradeep but she got to know that Pradeep got married. She went to New York City and gave up her daughter in an adoption centre.

Mona sees Anushka and by that time Pradeep dies. Mona sends Anushka to jail which makes Anushka more angry and she vows to return. Bulbul starts hating Pradeep because of their past. Mona refuses to marry Vineet and promises herself to fulfill every dream which she and Pradeep saw for their children.Vineet also tells Mona that from now he will live only with Mona's memories and decides to never move on in life.

Ten years later[edit]

The story moves forward to ten years later,and[1] the children of Mona & Anushka grow up. Mona, along-with Tarun has opened a restaurant named Apna Tadka. Mona's elder daughter Bulbul(Sargun Mehta) is very much like her; sweet, simple, caring and selfless. Tarun is married to Taani. Anushka's daughter Anika(Neelam Sivia) is like her. Now it is Bulbul's turn to get married, but Bulbul doesn't trust men anymore because of the experience her mother had to go through 10 years before. Bulbul works in a TV news channel(media company). Mona then decides to make Bulbul meet a guy on the 5th anniversary of her restaurant. Bulbul and the guy, Ajay, start to go out. But, Bulbul's mind is elsewhere, and she gets a chance to visit the local jail. There she plans on meeting Anushka, but finds out that she has been out for the last five years. Bulbul gets upset and this story goes to Anushka, who is currently residing in Australia. Anushka is shown to be married to the richest man in Australia, Balbir Bhalla (Deepak Qazir Kejriwal).

On the night of their wedding, Anushka keeps on begging Balbir to buy her Mona's restaurant. But, Balbir reminds her that he has taken Anushka out of jail on one condition, which is not to mess around with Mona's life. Mona then finds out that Ajay was actually using Bulbul for revenge because Bulbul had revealed his friend's dark secrets. Bulbul's boss is bribed and terminates Bulbul from the job, on orders of the corporater she had exposed earlier. Anushka finally buys Mona's restaurant. Anushka calls Mona and tells her that she is the new owner of her restaurant and tells her name Mrs.Bhalla. Mona is really happy that the new owner, Mrs. Bhalla, is Punjabi without knowing that Mrs.Bhalla is none other than Anushka. Soon Anushka doubles the rent of the restaurant. When Mona finds out about Bulbul losing her job, she meets the co-owner of the company, who coincidentally happens to be Jatin Chopra. Meanwhile, Vihaan (Mohit Malhotra) (son of Jatin's friend and business partner Harsh Ruia) is in love with Anika. Vihaan's dad wants him to go and settle down in Mumbai, so he proposes to Anika. Rajbeer (Yatin Mehta) gets a scholarship to Australia to pursue his education, and he goes there. At the same time Anushka's family and Vihaan's family come to India. Rajbeer gets to know about Anushka's visit, but he keeps his mouth shut in front of his family.

Jatin realizes his duty to watch over his channel and he starts to participate in its affairs, afyer Mona tells her to do so.The next day, Bulbul gets a promotion from her boss Jatin, and Jatin tells Bulbul to shoot the marriage of Vihaan and Anika. When Bulbul reaches the marriage hall she forgets the camera battery, and when Mona comes to the hall to give her the battery, Anushka sees Mona and Bulbul together. Anika, on the other hand was supposed to go to the Mandir but instead goes to a disco. Vihaan finds her in the disco dancing with someone else and gets depressed. Finally Bulbul and Vihaan meet. Anushka comes to know that the Ruias are filing for bankruptcy. Then she tries to convince Anika about breaking the marriage. Anika comes back after running away from marriage venue and breaks her marriage with Vihaan. Broken-hearted, hurt, betrayed, cheated Vihaan decides to prove to himself and earn back his self-respect through hard work. He decides to work under Jatin and is posted as an assistant to Bulbul even though he was son of co-owner of the company.

Meanwhile, Anushka confronts her husband who wants her to go back to Australia and yells at him, telling him she married him just for his money. He has a heart attack and gets admitted in the hospital. Anushka gets to know that Balbir had given Mona the land of the restaurant so that Anushka will be unable to tease her and will hence keep safe. Mona comes to meet Balbir Bhalla in the hospital. She comes face to face with Anushka. The story proceeds with Anushka's rudeness to Mona, and Mona threatenes her not to mess with her family. Despite earlier misunderstandings, a new understanding develops between Vihaan and Bulbul. Vihaan and Bulbul become friends as they have the same way of thinking.

Anushka organizes a party and tells Mona to serve food to everybody, like a waiter. Mona gets badly humiliated, and to add to it, Anushka makes her serve to Jatin but as he loves Mona, he leaves the party. Anushka, in front of everyone calls Pradeep her husband, which makes Mona furious. She tells Anushka that Pradeep was only her husband and father of her children only. Hearing this, Anushka reveals the truth that Anika is Pradeep's daughter. This truth sends Mona into a shock. This truth is later revealed by Mona to Bulbul. Bulbul in shock consumes alcohol. Vihaan comes there and saves her. Vihaan asks about her grief and asks her to share her problem. Drunken, Bulbul unknowingly reveals her father Pradeep's past with Anushka and Anika being their daughter to Vihaan and also tells that that's why she doesn't trusts any man as her father betrayed her mother. Vihaan also feels connected to it as he had gone through same experience and Vihaan has also stopped trusting any woman. Vihaan drops Bulbul to her house. The truth is revealed by Mona to her mother, who says not to reveal it to Pradeep's parents or they might support Anushka due to their granddaughter.

Anushka sends Anika's birth certificate to Mona's house, and it is seen by Mona's father-in-law, but he tells Mona he only accepts her children as his grandchildren. Rano (Siddhi Karwa) plans to get Bulbul and Vihaan together. She sends both of them to the reunion party where Vihaan tells Bulbul about his past in which he was in love with a girl and she left him on their marriage and cheated him and in that party Vihaan once again meets Anushka. Vihaan leaves the party and Rano reveals to Bulbul that she had planned all this to get Bulbul and Vihaan together and also tells her to realize her liking of Vihaan but Bulbul refuses. Also, Vihaan's best friend Myra comes from Sydney and Bulbul gets jealous on seeing Vihaan and Myra together. Meanwhile, to further trouble Mona, Anushka buys her building and convinces all flatholders on redevelopment, to which Mona disagrees due to her memories with Pradeep. Rajbeer's studies, on which Mona had spent all her savings, are all in vain as the institution he was in was a hoax, so he comes back but says that his holidays jave started and hides the truth. This truth is revealed to Vihaan by his friend, who tells it to Bulbul. Mona is told about this by Jatin and she gets very upset. Rajbeer tries to jump off the terrace but Jatin saves Rajbeer and reprimands him for trying to commit suicide. Her building mates, due to Anushka's influence, have turned against Mona and try to tease her, flattening her tires and spilling oil outside her house, causing her to fall, but she stays strong, and Anushka even cuts the electricity of her house. Rano falls for a boy named Rohan. Rohan tried to take advantage of her and then Anushka arrives there and saves her from him. Anushka shows fake concern for her. Actually, Anushka had sent Rohan in Rano's life and was using him to spoil her life. Rohan starts blackmailing Rano and demanding his money back that he spent on Rano. Anushka gives him the money. Anushka gives Rano a job in her shop so Rano can repay her money. Anushka starts poisoning Rano's mind against Mona. Rano gives redevelopment papers to Mona, asks her to sign it, and reveals that she works for Anushka, and she is hurt. Anushka had asked Rano to take Mona's signs on it. Jatin decides to announce Vihaan as chairperson of the company, and does so in front of everyone. Because Vihaan did not tell her the truth of being company's co-owner's son before, Bulbul is hurt and gets angry and they start quarreling. Bulbul thought that Vihaan lied to her, she gets angry because she couldn't hear his voicemail he left for her. She hates liers. Mona get to know that the Rajbeer's college scandal happened because of Anushka. Mona confronts Anushka, slaps her and warns her to not to mess around with her family and children. With the help of Jatin and Vihaan, she telecasts this in news. Anushka wants revenge now so she sends Rano to a vulgar hotel and asks someone to tell this to Mona, who goes there with Jatin to find Rano. Due to the need, they book a room there but the police and press arrive, later revealed to be sent by Anushka, and because of this awkward situation, Jatin says he will marry Mona in front of the press. At home, all building women get to know about Mona and Jatin and they start to criticize Mona along with Anushka. To shut up Anushka, Mona agrees to marry Jatin and this puts all of Anushka's efforts to vain. All family members agreed with the marriage, except Rano. Rano doesn't agree with this marriage as Anushka has poisoned her mind against Mona and Jatin, so she criticizes Mona of her love for Pradeep, and leaves Mona's house and shifts to Anushka's. Mona, with the help of Vihaan and Jatin, set up a spy to watch over Rano and create disputes between her and Anika. Rano makes Rajbeer to refuse to accept Mona and Jatin's marriage, and poisons him too, so he later joins Rano. Mona decides to call off her marriage with Jatin. Jatin invites Mona's family to Holi party in which Anushka comes there and tries to woo Jatin to create misunderstandings between Jatin and Mona. Bulbul is still angry with Vihaan and quarrels with him because of a misunderstanding. Vihaan is now angry with Bulbul and he angrily says that he hates her and that he does not want to see her again. He tells her that she was the first person he told after finding out that he would become the CEO. He tells her that he left her a voice mail in which he told everything. Bulbul feels guilty. After hearing this, Mona tells Bulbul that everyone is not like Anushka so she shouldn't treat everyone as untrustworthy. Mona sees Jatin with Anushka and misunderstands Jatin. Then, Jatin, in front of everyone, implies sindoor on Mona's head and Mona is happy. Anushka is furious seeing Mona happy. She sets Mona's restaurant on fire to take revenge and then Jatin and Vihaan come to save Mona, unfortunately Vihaan falls under a beam of fire, while Jatin saves Mona. Vihaan was saving Jatin from falling under the beam and instead he fell. Vihaan is kept under the eyes of the doctors and nurses there. Bulbul hears Vihaan's voicemail after reaching house and feels guilty.

Bulbul and all the Singh family rushes to hospital.When Bulbul finds out about who saved Mona's life, she starts to thank Vihaan, apologises for her behaviour and always misunderstanding him and she realises her love for Vihaan and also admits how much she loves him. Vihaan overhears this and admits his feelings, too. He confesses his love for Bulbul to her. Vihaan's heartbeat increases and he falls asleep. In panic, Bulbul calls the doctors. Hearing on the news that Vihaan was seriously injured, Anika reaches the hospital and visits Vihaan. Vihaan, still thinking that Bulbul is by his side, says that he needs her to stay next to him in the hospital and says how much he loves her. Anika feels guilty about what she had done to Vihaan and promises to Vihaan that she will always remain by Vihaan's side. Jatin visits Mona and she wakes up to see that Jatin is in the room. Mona tries to thank Jatin for his bravery, but fails because Jatin says that she doesn't need to say thank you for saving her life. After hearing news about Mona being injured in fire Rajbeer and Rano come to the hospital. Mona later asks about Rajbir and Rano. Jatin says that they are waiting outside. Then Jatin asks Mona to trust him and then Jatin gives a big lecture to Rano. When Rano goes to Anushka for comfort, she realizes that Anushka really doesn't care about her and Anushka is a bad person and she can never change, and Rano then understands that Anushka is the main culprit and she had set Mona's restaurant on fire to kill Mona. She understands that she was using them against Mona. Rano reveals this truth to Rajbeer. Both Rajbeer and Rano feel guilty. Bulbul starts to take extra care of Vihaan. Mona and Jatin then understand that they like each other. Bulbul too admits that she is in love with Vihaan. Anushka and Anika land up into an argument. Anushka in fit of anger reveals a shocking truth to Anika about her birth. Anika is shocked by Anushka's truth and leaves Anushka's house and shifts to Mona's house. Vihaan calls Bulbul to meet him.Vihaan tells Jatin that he is in love with Bulbul and he is going to meet her.Bulbul comes to meet Vihaan.At the same time Anika comes to meet Vihaan and hugs him.Bulbul learns that Anika is the girl whom Vihaan used to love. Bulbul is shattered, Bulbul misunderstood that Vihaan still loves Anika. Due to her broken heart she becomes angry with him. Vihaan angrily tells Anika that he doesn't loves her and he loves someone else. Anika is shocked and is with broken heart returns to Mona's house. Upset, Vihaan tells Jatin about this incident. Anika tells Bulbul that Vihaan told her that he doesn't love her and he loves someone else. Alok (Mona's Father-in-law) arrives at Anushka's house and tells her that he has left house because of Mona. Anushka is happy to see him and thinks that Mona will be defeated as her biggest support system, her father-in-law is not with her. However, Alok was only acting to teach Anushka a lesson. Rano apologizes for hurting Mona and everything to Alok and reveals to him that Anushka had set Mona's restaurant on fire and Jatin reveals Mona about Anika being Vihaan's past and how she ran away from their marriage and cheated Vihaan. Anushka comes to Mona's house and tells Anika the truth about Pradeep being her father. She at first doesn't believe it but after she comes to know that Bulbul is the one whom Vihaan loves after seeing Vihaan and Bulbul together and overhearing their conversation when Vihaan came to meet Bulbul, so she goes back with Anushka. Vihaan tells Bulbul that he only loves her and she has to believe him. Bulbul tells Vihaan that if he ever loved or respected her he should go away from her life. Vihaan leaves from there.

Jatin gives an Idea to Vihaan to get Bulbul back in his life. Jatin tells Vihaan to act as if he is going to marry someone else in order to make Bulbul jealous. Jatin and Mona also help him in the plan. Bulbul get jealous. Bulbul overhears Vihaan's 'to-be-wife' (Binita) talking on the phone saying that she's only getting married to Vihaan for his money. She tells Mona and Jatin about it but they don't believe her. On Vihaan and Binita's engagement, Bulbul stops their engagement and tells everyone that Binita is getting married to Vihaan for his money. She even says that she still loves Vihaan and that she wants to get married to him. Vihaan says that Binita is an actress and that it was all his plan. Bulbul and Vihaan later spend some romantic moments together where he proposes to her. Bulbul calls Rano and tells about Vihaan and her marriage and decides to agree. Rano tells Anushka and Anika about Bulbul and Vihaan's wedding which shocks them. Anika gets jealous and she pretends that she is going to kill herself. Anushka and Anika tell a lie to Rano about how Vihaan is a drug addict and how abusive he is. Rano doesn't believe them but she tells them that she will prove to her sister what a bad person Vihaan is so she takes Anika's camcorder. While playing around with the camcorder Rano presses the record button and she records that she knows that Anushka is a bad person and that she is pretending so that she can ruin Anushka. A servant comes and gives Anika her camcorder back. While looking through her camcorder, Anika finds the recording that Rano had recorded. She shows it to Anushka and Anushka decides to take revenge on Rano. On Vihaan and Bulbul's mehendi, Anushka sends Rano to give an order to some deserted place. Rohan arrives there and tries to misbehave with her and Rano pushes him and he falls down from the building. Anushka arrives there and tells Rano that Rohan is dead. Rano returns to Mona's house where Rajbeer is waiting for her. They all reconcile and accept Jatin as their dad.

Before Vihaan and Bulbul's wedding night, Anika blackmails Vihaan by showing the video of Rano pushing Rohan off the terrace. Anika tells him that she will show this video to the police. So Vihaan has to marry Anika. Bulbul feels very hurt and betrayed. She also goes to Vihaan's house as a bahu (daughter-in-law) without telling anyone except her grandfather. When Anushka tries to stop her, Bulbul tells Anushka that she will not let Anushka and Anika ruin her life. Rano reveals the truth of Rohan's murder and Vihaan's marriage to Anika to Jatin and they both start to investigate. Jatin realises that Vihaan married to Anika only to save Rano's life from ruining and he still loves Bulbul. Jatin reveals the truth to Bulbul and she apologizes to Vihaan. They team up against Anika. Rano reveals the truth of Rohan's murder to Mona. Mona is furious to hear about Rano's affair and murder. She also gets to know about Bulbul being in Vihaan's house as second woman. Anika tries to woo Vihaan but her plan fails and Vihaan insults Anika telling her that Bulbul will always remain his love and he will always love Bulbul. Rano and Jatin get to know that Rohan was a part of Anushka's plan against Mona, and after seeing Rohan's picture, Mona says he is alive and running away to Amritsar, as she saw him at the ticket agent's place. Rohan is arrested and when Mona confronts Anushka, then Anushka confesses that she tried to ruin Bulbul's life and Vihaan and Anika got married because of her plan. She was only using Anika for taking revenge from Mona. She also confessed that she murdered Pradeep and she was in jail for 5 years. Hearing this, Anika is shocked because Anushka had not told her the truth, and this sends Anika into a shock. Anika tries to commit suicide, but they break into her room. Anika is taken to the hospital and is revived, and Anushka blames Mona, Vihaan, Bulbul and Jatin for the suicide. Anika gets angry at Anushka when she is only paying attention on how to destroy Mona in such a condition, tells Anushka that she hates her and doesn't wants to see her face. Anika feels guilty for having Anushka as her mother, and wishes that Mona was her mother. Anushka is shattered, and the police come to get her. She still says that she will come back for revenge. Mona tells the police to leave Anushka, as any jail cannot change her, and her punishment is that her daughter has left her and she will now be all alone. Anushka becomes very depressed and guilty, realizing all her mistakes. In the hospital, Anika gifts Bulbul the divorce papers of her and Vihaan, and reveals that Vihaan and Anika are now divorced. Anika makes peace with her family and is forgiven by Alok for her earlier misbehavior, and she starts calling him 'Daadu' (Grandpa). Vihaan and Bulbul's marriage proceedings start. Bulbul's office assistant Jogi starts loving Anika, but he couldn't express it. Anika realises this and agrees to get married with Jogi. Rajbeer, Rano and Bulbul accept Anika as their sister and Anika is very happy. Vihaan and Bulbul get married. Anushka comes to the wedding and blesses Bulbul and Vihaan, and apologizes to Mona for everything, saying she is going to Australia with Balbir and will come back for Anika's marriage, saying she approves of Jogi.

The serial ends with Mona talking to Pradeep's picture, and recalls how he comforted her in problems. She says that a story had ended on that day, as she had fulfilled the dreams they saw for their children, and a new story is about to start. She asks Pradeep for his endless support in this new phase of life. She continues talking and tells him that she will fulfill the remaining responsibilities, as she had done earlier, so that he will not have to say "Kya hua tera vaada?" (What happened to your promise?). And then everyone lives happily ever after, as the series ends with the camera focused on Mona.


Actor Character Role
Mona Singh Mona Pradeep Singh/ Mona Jatin Chopra Female Protagonist & Lead, Pradeep's Ex-Wife; Jatin's Wife, Mother of Bulbul,Rano and Rajbir, Anika's stepmother
Mauli Ganguly Anushka Sarkar/Amrita Shaurya Mitra/Anushka Balbir Bhalla Female Antagonist & Parallel Lead, Pradeep's Lover and Ex-Fiance, Balbir Bhalla's Wife, Anika's Mother
Khushbu Thakkar Mona Singh's Sister
Sargun Mehta Bulbul Vihaan Ruia New Female Protagonist & Lead, Pradeep & Mona's Elder Daughter, Vihaan's Wife, Anika's Younger Stepsister, Rano and Rajbir's elder sister, Jatin's elder stepdaughter
Mohit Malhotra Vihaan Harsh Ruia New Male Protagonist & Lead, Bulbul's Husband, Anika's Ex-Husband
Hiten Tejwani Jatin Chopra New Male Protagonist & Lead, Mona's Present Husband, Bulbul, Rano and Rajbeer's stepfather
Neelam Sivia Anika Sarkar Bhalla/ Anika Pradeep Singh New Female Antagonist turned Protagonist and Parallel Lead, Pradeep & Anushka's Daughter, Vihaan's Ex-Wife, Jogi's Love Interest, Mona's Stepdaughter, Bulbul, Rano and Rajbir's elder stepsister, Balbir Bhalla's adoptive stepdaughter
Pawan Shankar Pradeep Alok Singh Ex-Male Protagonist & Lead, Mona's Ex- Husband, Anushka's Ex-Lover and Ex-Fiance, Anika, Bulbul, Rano, and Rajbir's Father, Alok and Suhasi's Eldest Son,Elder Brother of Manoj and Taani(Dead)
Ananya Agarwal/ Siddhi Karwa Rano Pradeep Singh/Rano Jatin Chopra Pradeep & Mona's Younger Daughter, Anika and Bulbul's younger sister, Rajbir's elder sister, Jatin's younger stepdaughter
Yatin Mehta Rajbir Pradeep Singh/Rajbir Jatin Chopra Pradeep & Mona's Son, Anika,Bulbul and Rano's Younger Brother, Jatin's Stepson
Bhuvan Chopra Alok Singh Pradeep, Manoj and Taani's Father, Mona's Ex-Father-in-law and Malika's Father-in-law, Suhasi's Husband
Apara Mehta Suhasi Alok Singh Pradeep, Manoj and Taani's Mother,Mona's Ex-Mother-in-law and Mallika's Mother-in-law, Alok's wife(Terminated)
Deepak Qazir Kejriwal Balbir Bhalla Anushka's Present Husband,Anika's adoptive stepfather (Dead)
Sanjay Nath Harsh Ruia Vihaan's Father, Jatin's friend and business partner
Lily Patel Lily Ruia(Dadi) Harsh's mother, Vihaan's Paternal Grandmother
Ibrar Yakub Manoj Alok Singh Pradeep's Younger Brother and Taani's Elder Brother,Mona's Ex-Brother-in-law,Mallika's Husband,Alok and Suhasi's younger son(Terminated)
Ekta Saraiya Mallika Manoj Singh Antagonist, Manoj's Wife(Terminated)
Priya Chauhan Taani Tarun Sarkar Pradeep and Manoj's Younger Sister & Tarun's Wife, Mona's Ex-Sister-in-law and Mallika's sister-in-law, Alok and Suhasi's youngest and only daughter(Terminated)
Raunaq Ahuja Tarun Sarkar Anushka's Adoptive Brother & Taani's Husband,Devashree Sarkar's Adoptive Son(Terminated)
Nandini Sen Devashree Sarkar Anushka's Mother & Tarun's Adoptive Mother, Taani's Mother-in-law(Terminated)
Buddhaditya Mohanty Surinder Suri Pammi's Husband & Pradeep's Best Friend,Neighbor and Co-worker(colleuge)(Terminated)
Delnaaz Irani Pammi Surinder Suri Surinder's Wife & Mona's Best Friend and Neighbor(Terminated)
Darshan Pandya Vineet Raizada Parallel Male Protagonist and Lead, Anushka's Ex-Friend and Business Partner, Mona's Lover and Ex-Fiance(Terminated)
Maneka Lalwani Priyali Vineet Raizada Vineet's First Wife(Dead)
Farida Dadi Smriti Raizada Vineet's Paternal Grandmother(Terminated)
Gajendra Chouhan Mr. Chopra Jatin's Father, Mona's Current Father-in-law(Terminated)
Prachiti Mishra Mrs. Chopra Jatin's Mother, Mona's Current Mother-in-law(Terminated)
Chetan Hansraj Shaurya Mitra Anushka's Ex-Husband(Dead)
Karam Rajpal Madhav Chawla Taani's Ex-Boyfriend and Taani's Ex-Fiance(Terminated)
Jia Mustafa Jia Khurana Taani's Best Friend,Madhav's ex- Fiance(Terminated)
Alka Amin Kawal Kaur Chopra Mona's Mother
Neha Bam Mrs.Raizada Vineet's Mother(Terminated)
Ajay Trehan Mr. Raizada Vineet's Father(Terminated)
Rujut Dahiya Jogi New Parallel Male Protagonist and Lead, Bulbul's Employee, Anika's Lover and Fiance
Poonam Preet Bitto Mona's Younger Cousin Sister (Terminated)
Samridh Bawa Rohan Kapoor Rano's Ex-Boyfriend
Saqlain Rahi Khan Bhatia Vineet's business partner
Mayur Verma Shyam
Karuna Verma Devika Bhagat



Kya Huaa Tera Vaada had two crossover episodes with Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on 4 & 5 December 2012.


  • Kya Huaa Tera Vaada would air its last episode on 23 May 2013, thereby completing 276 episodes successfully and would be replaced by Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap from 27 May 2013.
  • As per sources, the show will return with second season by the end of 2014. Season 1, completed 276 successful episodes.


This serial is dubbed as Sonnathu Neethane in Tamil which airs every Monday to Friday 7pm on Jaya TV.



the show launched with a trp of 2.0 and started recording 2.2+trps later in August 2012 it had a drop in trps and recording 1.4-1.9+ .the shock came when in 2013 the show started recording 0.7-1.2 trps after the show had taken a leap as it was expected that the show would increase in trps after leap .during ipl 2013 it recorded all-time low of 0.7 the show recorded trps of 0.7 in its last week its lowest trps till date is 0.7 and highest trps is 2.5


Zee Gold Awards
BIG Television Awards
Indian Television Academy Awards
Indian TV Awards
Colors Screen Awards
  • Best TV Serial, 2013
  • Best TV Director, 2013
  • Best TV Actress (Mona Singh), 2013
Indian Telly Awards


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