Kyabetsu Taro

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Japanese snack food
Kyabetsu Tarō
Cabbage taro contents.jpg
Japanese name キャベツ太郎
Maker Kado
Ingredients maize flour

Flavours: sauce only

Kyabetsu Tarō (Japanese: キャベツ太郎, meaning "cabbage Taro", where Taro is a common Japanese male first name) is a Japanese snack food made by the Kado (菓道) company of Ibaraki Prefecture. It consists of balls of corn about 3 cm in diameter flavoured with small pieces of nori and Japanese brown sauce. It is a relatively low cost snack, aimed at children. It is sold in two bag sizes, a 20 yen and a 100 yen bag. The package of "cabbage Taro" shows a frog wearing a policeman's hat. Despite the name, the snack does not list cabbage in its ingredients. Its name may be a pun on Momotaro

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