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Kyani (Greek: Κυανή meaning "blue") is a settlement in the municipality of Didymoteicho in the northern Evros regional unit, Greece. It is situated between farmlands in the plains on the right bank of the river Erythropotamos, at 40 m elevation. In 2011 its population was 474. It is 3 km northeast of Asvestades, 4 km southwest of Mani, and 10 km northwest of Didymoteicho.


Year Population
1991 570
2001 557
2011 474


During the Ottoman period, other than the Turks, Kyani was inhabited mostly by Bulgarians. It was occupied by the Greeks at the end of World War I and it became a part of Greece. Its current population is mostly descendants of Greek refugees from Eastern Thrace and Muslims.

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Coordinates: 41°22.4′N 26°23.0′E / 41.3733°N 26.3833°E / 41.3733; 26.3833