Kyaswa of Sagaing

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Kyaswa of Sagaing
ကျစွာ (စစ်ကိုင်း)
King of Sagaing
Reign 1339–1348
Predecessor Shwetaungtet
Successor Nawrahta Minye
Chief Minister Nandapangyan
Consort Saw Pa Oh[1]
House Myinsaing
Father Sawyun
Mother Saw Hnaung
Born 24 March 1319
Saturday, 3rd waxing of Late Tagu 680 ME[note 1]
Died 1348/1349
710 ME[note 2]
Religion Theravada Buddhism
See Kyaswa for the king of Pagan of the same name.

Kyaswa of Sagaing (Burmese: ကျစွာ (စစ်ကိုင်း), pronounced: [tɕa̰zwà]; 1319–1348) was king of Sagaing from 1339 to 1348.[2] The eldest son of King Sawyun was made king by Chief Minister Nandapangyan, who organized a putsch to kill kings Tarabya I and Shwetaungtet in 1339/1340.[3] He reigned until 1348/1349.[2]

Prior to becoming king, he, along with his brothers, spent about four years in hiding in Mindon, away from Shwetaungtet who had seized the throne in 1335 by imprisoning his father Tarabya I. But in 1339, they were captured and brought back to Sagaing. Meanwhile, Tarabya I planned to kill Shwetaungtet from prison. But Nandapangyan had both assassinated and placed Kyaswa on the throne.[1]

One of his queens was Saw Pa Oh, daughter of King Uzana I of Pinya. Their daughter was later married to King Uzana II of Pinya.[1]


  1. ^ Zatadawbon Yazawin (Zata 1960: 70) says he was born on Saturday, 4th day of Tagu of 658 ME (Wednesday, 26 February 1297). The year 658 ME (1296/1297) is clearly a typographical error since his father Sawyun was born c. 1299/1300. Hmannan Yazawin (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 391) says he came to power in 701 ME (1339/1340) at age 21 (22nd year), meaning he was born c. 680 ME (1318/1319). It probably was not 4th waxing of Late Tagu 679 ME (6 March 1318), which was a Monday. On the other hand, 4th waxing of Late Tagu 680 ME was Sunday, 25 March 1319. It was not a Saturday but close enough; the calendar may have been behind depending on the intercalation schedule in use at the court at the time.
  2. ^ Hmannan Yazawin (Hmannan Vol. 1 2003: 390–391) says he died in 711 ME (28 March 1349 to 27 March 1350) at age 31. But according to inscriptional evidence (Than Tun 1959: 126), he died in 710 ME (28 March 1348 to 27 March 1349).


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Kyaswa of Sagaing
Born: 24 March 1319 Died: 1348/1349
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Sagaing
Succeeded by
Nawrahta Minye