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Tim Susman
Gold at Further Confusion 2016
Gold at Further Confusion 2016
BornUnited States
Pen nameKyell Gold
Notable worksArgaea series
Forester Universe

Kyell Gold is the pen name of Tim Susman,[1] a Californian novelist. Kyell Gold is chiefly known for writing male homosexual romance literature for the furry fandom.[2][3] His published works include the Dev and Lee novels (Out of Position and its five sequels), the three Dangerous Spirits young adult novels, other books in the Forester Universe, and the three novels and several short stories in the Argaea series.

Gold, who represents himself as a Red Fox,[4] is one of the most acclaimed furry writers, having won more Ursa Major Awards (the main awards given in the field of furry fandom works) than anyone else. He currently has eight awards (all since 2005); beating the previous record of six, held by Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai.[5][6] Gold has also been acknowledged by non-furry writers. In 2010 he was nominated for the WSFA Small Press Award for short fiction.[7]

In January 2017, Gold was interviewed in Slate regarding The Time He Desires, Islamophobia, Islam and homosexuality.[8]

In May 2017, Tim Susman published an essay in Entropy magazine, explaining why he started to use the pen name Kyell Gold.[1] On his blog, Gold explains why he is now open about his real name as "partly because I don't care as much now", but also because the Tim Susman novel The Tower and the Fox will be published soon.[9] Tim Susman has previously published the novel Common and Precious, and is the co-founder of Sofawolf Press.[10]


Gold's first published story was "The Prisoner's Release" in the magazine Heat, an adult publication by Sofawolf Press. Gold went on to write novels, starting with Volle, which became the first part of his Argaea fantasy series. Volle won Gold his first Ursa Major Award in 2005 for "Best Anthropomorphic Novel".[11] In 2006, his sequel—Pendant of Fortune—won the 2006 Ursa Major Award in the same category.[notes 1] Fred Patten reviewed the pair, calling them "arguably the best anthropomorphic novels yet written".[12] He also won that year's "Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction" for his short story Jacks to Open, published by Fur Rag.[13]

Gold won his fourth Ursa Major with "Don't Blink" (published in Heat), which was voted "Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction" for 2007.[14] He again won both the "Novel" and "Short Fiction" categories for 2008 with Waterways and In Between respectively.[15] Gold won the same prizes again in the 2009 awards with Out of Position and Drifting.[6]

In 2010, Gold was nominated for WSFA Small Press Award for short fiction with his story Race to the Moon.[7]

Current activities[edit]

Gold himself has set a goal of writing at least one novel-length work a year, as well as a collection of short stories which are published on furry fandom websites Fur Affinity and SoFurry (previously YiffStar).[3]

Outside his work, he lives with his husband, Kit Silver, and boyfriend, @HashtagPurr on twitter (the three of them are in a polyamorous relationship). He attends furry conventions around the world to engage with the fandom and promote his books, while being active on Twitter.[3]

Published works[edit]

A list of printed editions of Gold's work,[4][16] also including Twelve Sides (only sold as an ebook, potentially an audiobook[17]).

Title Series Year Illustrator Publisher ISBN Type
Volle Argaea series 2005 Sara Palmer ("Caribou") Sofawolf Press ISBN 0-9712670-8-1 novel
Pendant of Fortune Argaea series 2006 Sara Palmer Sofawolf Press ISBN 0-9769212-3-5 novel
The Prisoner's Release
and Other Stories
Argaea series 2007 Sara Palmer, Vince Suzukawa, "Taurin Fox",
Adam Wan, Leo Magna.[18][19]
Sofawolf Press ISBN 0-9769212-7-8 short stories
Common & Precious (as by Tim Susman) New Tibet 2007 Heather Bruton, Sara Palmer Sofawolf Press ISBN 0-9769212-9-4 novel
Waterways Forester Universe 2008 John Nunnemacher ("Cooner") Sofawolf Press ISBN 0-9791496-5-7 novel
Out of Position Dev and Lee 2009 "Blotch"[18] (Teagan Gavet, Tess Garman) Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-0-9791496-9-6 novel
Shadow of the Father Argaea series 2010 Sara Palmer[20] Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-0-9819883-4-4 novel
Bridges Forester Universe 2010 "Keovi" Furplanet ISBN 978-1-935599-16-6 novella
Isolation Play Dev and Lee 2011 "Blotch" (Teagan Gavet, Tess Garman) Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-00-2 novel
Weasel Presents Argaea series 2011 Sara Palmer[21] Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-006-3 short stories
In the Doghouse of Justice 2011 Alexander Roman Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-12-5 short stories
Science Friction Forester Universe 2011 "Cirrus" FurPlanet ISBN 978-1-61450-027-8 novella
Green Fairy Dangerous Spirits 2012 Rukis Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-16-3 novel
Winter Games Forester Universe 2012 "Sabretoothed Ermine" FurPlanet ISBN 978-1-61450-088-9 novella
Divisions Dev and Lee 2013 "Blotch" (Teagan Gavet, Tess Garman) Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-27-9 novel
Red Devil Dangerous Spirits 2014 Rukis Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-35-4 novel
The Mysterious Affair of Giles[22] Forester Universe 2014 Sara Miles ("Caribou") Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-168-8 novella
Uncovered[23] Dev and Lee 2014 "Blotch" (Teagan Gavet, Tess Garman) Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-40-8 novel
Losing My Religion Forester Universe 2015 "BlackTeagan" (Teagan Gavet) Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-275-3 novella
Over Time Dev and Lee 2016 Rukis & "Kenket" (Tess Garman) Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-51-4 novel
Black Angel Dangerous Spirits 2016 Rukis Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-53-8 novel
Twelve Sides 2016 Rukis Croax 24 Carat Books ISBN 978-0-9972794-1-2 short stories
The Time He Desires Forester Universe 2016 "Kamui" Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-336-1 novella
Love Match: 2008–2010 Love Match 2017 Rukis Croax Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-344-6 novel
The Tower and the Fox
(as by Tim Susman)
The Calatians 2017 Laura Garabedian Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-385-9 novel
Love Match: 2010–2012 Love Match 2018 Rukis Croax Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-409-2 novel
The Demon and the Fox
(as by Tim Susman)
The Calatians 2018 Laura Garabedian Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-426-9 novel
Ty Game Forester Universe 2018 The Neverwolf, Rukis Sofawolf Press ISBN 978-1-936689-68-2 novel
The War and the Fox
(as by Tim Susman)
The Calatians 2019 Laura Garabedian Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-489-4 novel
Titles Dev and Lee 2019 Rukis, Amon Omega Furplanet ISBN 978-1-61450-503-7 novel

As editor[edit]

  • Breaking the Ice: Stories from New Tibet (edited by Tim Susman). Sofawolf Press, ISBN 0-9712670-0-6, 2002.
  • Shadows in Snow: More Stories from New Tibet (edited by Tim Susman). Sofawolf Press, ISBN 0-9712670-3-0, 2004.
  • X (edited by Kyell Gold). A collection of ten erotic short stories based on the Ten Commandments.[24] Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-0-9819883-2-0, 2009.
  • Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet (edited by Tim Susman & Dark End). Sofawolf Press, ISBN 978-1-936689-70-5, 2019.

All of the books above include at least one story written by the editor. Gold's stories have also been published in furry erotica magazines Heat (issues #1–6; Sofawolf Press) and Fang (issues #1–3; Bad Dog Books).[2][25][26][27]


  1. ^ Sara Palmer's illustrated cover for Pendant of Fortune also won "Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration" in 2006.


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