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For the larger international airport serving Kiev, see Boryspil International Airport. For the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV), see International Electrotechnical Vocabulary.
Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany)
Міжнародний аеропорт "Київ" (Жуляни)
Kyiv International Airport Logo.gif
Kiev - Zhulyany (IEV - UKKK) AN2326841.jpg
Airport type Public / Military
Owner City of Kiev/Govt. of Ukraine
Serves Kiev, Ukraine
Location Zhuliany
Opened 1924
Focus city for Wizz Air[2]
Elevation AMSL 179 m / 587 ft
Coordinates 50°24′06″N 30°27′06″E / 50.40167°N 30.45167°E / 50.40167; 30.45167Coordinates: 50°24′06″N 30°27′06″E / 50.40167°N 30.45167°E / 50.40167; 30.45167
IEV is located in Kiev Oblast
Location in Kiev Oblast
Direction Length Surface
m ft
08/26 2,310 7,579 Concrete
Statistics (2016)
Passengers Increase 1,127,500[3]
Flights Increase 18,268

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт "Київ" імені Ігоря Сікорського (Жуляни)) (IATA: IEVICAO: UKKK) is one of the two passenger airports of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. It is owned by the municipality of Kiev and located in the southern Zhuliany neighbourhood of the city. Aside from facilitating regular passenger flights, Kyiv International Airport is also the main business aviation airport in Ukraine, and one of the busiest business aviation hubs in Europe.[4]


Early years[edit]

The airport is known since 1923 as a military airfield that was co-used by the "Ukrpovitroshlyakh" ("Ukrainian Society of Air Communications") which in 1934 was completely integrated into Aeroflot as the latter's regional administration. The airport terminal was built only after World War II in 1949. Until the 1960s, Zhuliany was the only passenger airport serving Kiev.

In 1959, the larger Boryspil International Airport was built near the city of Boryspil, gradually replacing Zhuliany as the main airport serving Kyiv. Since that time the old "Kiev" airport became commonly known just as "Zhuliany" (or Kyiv-Zhuliany) and was used for Soviet domestic flights only.

International flights and traffic revival[edit]

After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, "Kyiv" airport began receiving international flights from nearby countries (first from its former Soviet "domestic" destinations), increasingly so since the 2000s when Ukraine's civil aviation started booming. On 27 March 2011, Wizz Air, the locally-pioneering low cost airline, moved all its operations to "Zhuliany" from the Boryspil Airport,[5] - starting the new era of around-the-clock flights at the airport and increasing the passenger traffic by 15 to 20%.

In 2012, the airport has managed to survive the European cold wave without major flight delays or cancellations.[6]

Surrounded by major railways, highways and residential districts, the airport has limited possibilities to expand its runway. Therefore, it is limited in the weight of aircraft that are allowed to fly in the airport (currently up to Boeing 737/Airbus A320 type). In 2013, the airport declared plans to expand the runway for additional 150 m, although stressing complete safety and operability of its current length.[7] Other parts of the airport infrastructure are also being developed. The new "A" terminal opened on 17 May 2012,[8][9] now receives all international and some domestic flights. Projects for expanding Zhuliany's taxiways and aircraft parking lots considered as well.

Recent developments[edit]

In the first half of 2013, the airport's passenger traffic rose 2.7-fold (to 816,757 passengers per year) since the beginning of the year, including 4.2-fold growth of the domestic traffic.[10] According to the media and industry experts, once underdog Zhuliany Airport has rapidly grown into a major, and more efficient, competitor to the country's leading Boryspil Airport.[11]

As of July 2013, Moscow, Treviso and Dortmund were the most popular international destinations from the airport, with Simferopol, Donetsk and Odessa leading among domestic destinations.[10] Also in 2013, the airport opened a new domestic terminal and a new business terminal,[12] with currently 3 terminals in service.

In March 2015, Wizz Air Ukraine announced that it would cease operations leading to the cancellation of several routes from their base at the airport. Only some of their former routes were taken over by its parent, Wizz Air,[13] though the airlines has since expanded its flight network from the airport, with twenty destinations to be served by August 2017.

Between the 14th and 24 May 2017, the airport will be closed for improvements works on the runway.[14] Wizz Air has confirmed that it will be transferring its flights to Boryspil Airport during that period.[15]

Airlines and destinations[edit]


The following airlines operate regular scheduled and charter flights to and from Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany):[16]

Airlines Destinations Terminal
Alitalia Rome–Fiumicino (begins 2 May 2017)[17] A
Anda Air Seasonal charter: Aqaba,[18] Burgas (begins 2 June 2017, ends 22 September 2017), Marsa Alam,[19] Split (begins 22 June 2017, ends 5 October 2017), Tirana (begins 19 June 2017, ends 28 September 2017), Tivat (begins 6 May 2017, ends 23 September 2017), Varna (begins 9 June 2017, ends 8 September 2017) A
Belavia Minsk A
Bravo Airways Seasonal charter: Antalya, Batumi (begins 17 June 2017, ends 2 September 2017), Bodrum (begins 27 May 2017, ends 30 September 2017), Burgas (begins 6 June 2017, ends 22 September 2017), Dalaman (begins 27 April 2017, ends 28 October 2017), Djerba (begins 27 April 2017, ends 28 September 2017), Hurghada, Izmir (begins 24 May 2017, ends 27 September 2017), Larnaca (begins 30 April 2017, ends 14 May 2017), Malta (begins 10 June 2017, ends 2 September 2017), Mersa Matruh (begins 26 April 2017, ends 26 September 2017), Mombasa, Monastir (begins 27 April 2017, ends 29 October 2017), Patras (begins 15 June 2017, ends 17 September 2017), Podgorica, Poprad, Sharm el-Sheikh, Tirana (begins 15 June 2017, ends 28 September 2017), Tivat (begins 22 June 2017, ends 14 September 2017) A
DART Ukrainian Airlines Athens, Bologna (begins 2 June 2017),[20] Tbilisi A
flydubai Dubai–International A
Georgian Airways Tbilisi[21] A
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw–Chopin A
Motor Sich Airlines Lviv, Odessa, Zaporizhia D
Pegasus Airlines Ankara A
UM Airlines Amman–Queen Alia, Beirut, Tehran–Imam Khomeini A
Vueling Seasonal: Barcelona, Rome–Fiumicino A
Wizz Air Bratislava, Budapest, Cologne/Bonn, Copenhagen (begins 26 August 2017),[22] Dortmund, Gdańsk, Hamburg, Hahn (begins 26 August 2017), Hannover, Katowice, Kaunas (begins 15 July 2017), Larnaca, London–Luton, Lublin (begins 25 August 2017),[23] Memmingen, Nuremberg (begins 25 August 2017),[22] Poznań (begins 25 August 2017), Vilnius, Warsaw–Chopin (begins 1 July 2017), Wrocław A
Yanair Batumi, Tbilisi A


Airlines Destinations
SprintAir Warsaw–Chopin

Neighboring aviation facilities[edit]

  • A major aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul company, ARP-410, adjoins the airport.[citation needed]
  • In 2003, the Ukraine State Aviation Museum was created in one of the industrial estates neighboring the airport. It is the largest aviation museum in Ukraine, exhibiting some unique Soviet examples including original prototypes for famous airliners.[citation needed]
  • The Ukrainian Air Force and the Ukrainian National Guard maintain a small training facility in the vicinity of the Zhuliany Airport.[citation needed]


The current passenger terminal
The original Soviet-built passenger terminal, serving as the domestic terminal until mid-2013
Year Passengers Change
2010 29,000 -
2011 469,800 Increase01,520%
2012 862,000 Increase083.5%
2013 1,838,393 Increase0113.3%
2014 1,090,120 Decrease040.7%
2015 944,305 Decrease013.4%
2016 1,127,500[24] Increase019.4%

Ground transportation[edit]


The Airport is connected to the city's main highway infrastructure via the Povitroflotskyi Avenue, and served by a number of city transport routes, including:[citation needed]

as well as private bus routes. Car parking facilities at the airport itself are limited, however, long stay parking can be found in the airport's immediate vicinity. Taxis can often be found waiting directly outside the terminal, in the passenger drop-off/pick-up area.


The airport's passenger terminal is located about 0.5 km away from the Kyiv-Volynskyi rail station - a stop for elektrichka commuter trains as well as for the new intracity Urban Electric Train service.[citation needed]


Plans for the Orange line 4 Podilsko-Vyhurivska Line, which is planned for construction elsewhere in the city, includes the Airport transfer station from the 'Zhulyany' Airport. The station is expected to be constructed by 2030.[citation needed]

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