Kyle Falconer

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Kyle Falconer
The View Kyle Falconer.jpg
Kyle Falconer
Background information
Birth name Kyle Francis Falconer
Born (1987-06-06) 6 June 1987 (age 31)
Dundee, Scotland
Genres Indie rock
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass guitar, harmonica, drums
Years active 2005 – present
Associated acts The View, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl

Kyle Francis Falconer[1] (born 6 June 1987) is a Scottish musician, best known as the lead vocalist of The View. Along with the other band members, Falconer hails from the Dryburgh district of Dundee. He shares songwriting responsibilities with bass guitarist Kieren Webster.

In 2007, Falconer was convicted of possessing cocaine, resulting in the cancellation of The View's US tour.[2] He was taken to hospital in Japan in May 2007 suffering from suspected blood poisoning, but was released after four days. The band was in Japan promoting their album Hats Off to the Buskers and played some gigs without him before he recovered to continue the tour.

Personal life[edit]

Falconer has been living in Dundee with his fiancée Laura Wilde as of May 2016. They celebrated the birth of their first child, Wylde Elizabeth Falconer, on April 10th 2017. The 'Superstar Tradesman' frontman shared the news on social media, citing the birth as 'The Stuff dreams are made of'. He had a long term girlfriend, Katie Gwyther to whom the track "Gem of a Bird" was dedicated. Gwyther also contributed vocals to the song, which appears on The View's second album. Of the duet Falconer notes, "There were no plans for her to actually sing on it, because I'm not saying anything good! It's just saying how my bird is always telling me how to spell stuff and everything. But I know better than her. And so forth, man. It does what it says on the tin." "[3] In February 2009, it was reported that Falconer and Katie are no longer a couple, reportedly due to his excessive alcohol consumption. Justifying the split, Falconer explained, "Am I a good drunk? No, that's why I split up from my girlfriend, she said I'm a psychopath, schizophrenic, I don't know why, I just talk rubbish, but don't we all?"[4]


In interviews Falconer frequently cites Oasis, The Beatles, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac and Squeeze as influences. Although all members of The View are said to be fans of The Beatles, Falconer is deemed to be the most infatuated. In 2008 he claimed that the band were the first thing he thought about in the morning.[5] The following year, he admitted that when he met Paul McCartney he was so overwhelmed that he "had to run to the toilet and just burst into tears". He further added, "I love The Beatles. I wanted to ask him to collaborate with us."[6]

Falconer also notes that he "still gets a bit of a judder" when he bumps into Liam and Noel Gallagher, as despite his own fame, he finds it strange to have become an acquaintance of his idols.[6] In 2000, several years before The View's commercial success, Falconer and bandmate Pete Reilly attended Scottish music festival T in the Park to see Oasis perform live, and were positioned at the front of the crowd. Falconer speaks regularly about his love for Fleetwood Mac, in particular Stevie Nicks. In 2008, Falconer told The List that the last thing he thinks of before he goes to sleep at night is "getting married to Stevie Nicks in her prime".[5]

On the 27th of March 2013, Irvine Welsh revealed he was a fan of Falconer and his band when he spoke out on Twitter. He wrote "If you don't like the View you are simply, a cunt". 'Trainspotting' By Welsh, featured on 'Face for the radio' a song from the band's first album. It features in the lyric, "He watches Trainspotting 15 times a week." Although the song is included on the album - Hats off to the buskers - it is not available on streaming services.

Substance abuse[edit]

Falconer was arrested for the possession of three grams of cocaine (of which police officers estimated a street value of approximately £150) of the substance following a gig at the University of Abertay in 2007. His defence agent, Billy Boyle, claimed Falconer had been passed the drug by music industry insiders at the gig and further claimed he had not ingested any of the substance. On behalf of Falconer, Boyle requested an absolute discharge, as it was deemed that a conviction would hinder the possibility of a future North American tour. Sheriff Paul Arthurson denied the request, fining Falconer £1000.[7] The View have since been refused entry to the USA, prompting public claims from Falconer that they are permanently banned from both America and Japan. In interviews since the conviction, however, the band have insisted that drugs are no longer an issue and they are hoping to fulfil a tour of the States in the near future.[8]

On more than one occasion, Falconer has been unable to perform due to excessive alcohol consumption. During an extensive British tour in 2008, it was reported that Falconer arrived on stage at The Social in Nottingham so drunk that his band were eventually forced to replace him with the vocalist from The View's support act, The Law. In attempt to remedy the situation, the band rescheduled the show and returned to Nottingham just months later, where Falconer fulfilled his usual duties.[9]

In 2009, the press reported that the band's set at Austria's Snowbombing Festival descended in chaos after Falconer supposedly collapsed whilst on stage. Fans recount that, after fainting, Falconer left the stage approximately fifteen minutes into the band's set. Bassist Kieren Webster was forced to apologise to the crowd, claiming that Falconer was not feeling well.[10]

After a June 2016 air rage incident where a drunken Falconer's abusive and disruptive behavior forced a Jet2 flight from Barcelona to divert to Nantes to have him taken and off and arrested before continuing to Glasgow, he went to a rehab center in Thailand. In late 2017 he pleaded guilty to a hate-speech charge for calling a flight attendant a poof during the incident and was fined £1,000. His attorney claimed the fine and £24,000 in additional expenses related to the outburst, including the cost of rehab and reimbursing Jet2 for its emergency landing costs, had left Falconer nearly destitute even with assistance from other bandmembers.[11]


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