Kylie Halliday

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Kylie Halliday
— Gymnast —
Country represented  Australia
Born 1981
Hometown Adelaide, South Australia
Discipline Aerobic gymnastics

Kylie Halliday (born c. 1981) is one of Australia’s and the world’s top sports aerobics athletes. Ranked number 1 in South Australia for 5 years from 2000–2004, she was Australian ranked number 1 in 2003 and 2004 and world ranked number 2 in 2004.

Kylie's home town of Adelaide, South Australia hosted the FISAF World Championships in 2004 where Kylie placed 2nd to Finland's Tiia Piili.[1]

In December 2009 Kylie ranked world number one at the FISAF World Championships in Martinique (FISAF).[citation needed]