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Kym Lardner (born 1957 in Adelaide, South Australia), is an Australian children's author, illustrator, and storyteller.[1]


His first picture book The Sad Little Monster and the Jelly Bean Queen was published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1981. After many years of live storytelling in Australian schools his work was recorded by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).[2] Kym continues to perform in schools, at children's festivals and has visited London twice. Kym Lardner continues to write picture books now illustrated by his son, Oliver.[3]


Picture books[edit]

  • The Sad Little Monster and the Jelly Bean Queen (1981)
  • Grandpa's Horses (1986)
  • Arnold the Prickly Teddy (1989)
  • Jezza (1991) written by Krista Bell - illustrated by Kym
  • The Coat-hanger Horse (1992)
  • The Naked Penguin (2008) illustrated by Oliver Lardner (son)
  • The Dragon's Lie (2009) illustrated by Oliver Lardner (son)

Audio recordings[edit]

  • McMuscles and other stories for giggling (1996)
  • Sunglasses and more stories for giggling (1996)
  • Bandaid and other stories for giggling (1998)
  • Father and son stories a compilation from his previous CDs (2004)


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