Kyoichi Inoue

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Kyoichi Inoue
Kyoichi Inoue Hanshi 9th dan Yoshinkan aikido.jpg
Kyoichi Inoue
Born(1935-09-10)September 10, 1935
Teshio District,[1] Hokkaido, Japan
Native name井上強一 Inoue Kyoichi
Teacher(s)Gozo Shioda

Kyoichi Inoue (井上 強一, Inoue Kyōichi, September 10, 1935 – December 23, 2017[2]) was a 10th dan[3] Yoshinkan aikido master.[1][4] He was an uchideshi under Yoshinkan founder Gozo Shioda,[4] in what became the Yoshinkan senshusei course.[4] During his early years as an uchi-deshi, he was instrumental in developing the Yoshinkan's current pedagogical system along with Takashi Kushida in consultation with Gozo Shioda.[5]

From 1970-1996, he was employed as a martial arts instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police after a decade of teaching the riot police.[6] He received his 9th dan from Shioda Gozo in 1992.[4] Shioda died in 1994 and Inoue was named the new director (kanchō 館長) of the Yoshinkan in 2002.[7] His 10th dan certificate was issued by the International Budo Federation in April 2009,[3] as he had resigned from the Yoshinkan effective 30 March 2006 following an internal dispute.[4] He was kanchō of Aikido Shinwakan (合氣道親和館),[1] which he established in 2010.[8] Aikido Shinwakan disbanded on 2014-04-30.[9]


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