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Kyoto International University
EstablishedFounded 1989
PresidentPeter Blocksom
Location, ,

Kyoto International University (KIU) is a small, Christian, international school located in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. KIU is not officially recognized as a university by the Japanese government. Its legal classification in Japan is as a "miscellaneous school" (Kakushu-gakko). Credits earned at KIU are transferable to universities in North America.


Kyoto International University's campus is located in Kyotanabe City which is 50 minutes away from three major locations; Kyoto City, Osaka-Kobe Metropolitan Area, and Nara City.


Four-year undergraduate program: offering a B.A. Degree in:

Two-year undergraduate programs: offering an Associate of Arts Degree in:


Kyoto International University was founded in 1989 as Phillips University Japan,[1] affiliated with Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, United States.[2] In August 1992, Phillips University sued Phillips Japan Co., Ltd. for missing payments.[3] In April 1995, Phillips University International (PUI) was created with the new purpose of taking American education in Japan a step further by creating a new bilingual and bi-cultural academic program. In the fall of 1996, PUI moved its campus to a growing suburban area of Kyoto Prefecture, Kyotanabe City, and became an independent educational entity under the new name of Kyoto International University.


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