Kyriakatika Elathen

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Sunday ELATHEN Times
Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) M.E. Group
Political alignment Center-left
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Website unknown

Kyriakatika ELATHEN (Greek: Κυριακάτικα ΕΛΑΘΕΝ, Translation: The Sunday Elathen News) is a weekly newspaper published in Athens, owned by M.E. Group. It is a traditional center-left friendly newspaper that has strongly supported animal rights since the 1990s. Some of its prominent columnists include Ioannis Nankis and Maria Felantaki.

It started as a subscriber-only, think tank report but was transformed to a weekly newspaper in early 2009 by its new editor. The main characteristic of ELATHEN Times is that the articles presented in the weekly version resemble more to the lengthy opinion/analysis papers published in journals than traditional single-column reports/news stories.