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Kyriakos Georgiou (Greek: Κυριάκος Γεωργίου) (born 4 April 1992) is an English actor, director and screenwriter from London. He is best known for playing the role of 'Vladimir Kozlov' in the films Criminals Game/Criminals Game II, he has also starred as James Baker in the film 'Duality' (written and directed by Jaimal Patel). Kyriakos directed a short documentary on knife crime which was publicized by the police in south london boroughs such as Lewisham and Southwark to help decrease levels of crime. He studied at Forest Hill School located in the Lewisham Borough of London.

He has also worked in theatre and widely known for playing the main role 'Walter Younger' in the play 'A Raisin in the Sun' (written by Lorraine Hansberry) in 2011.

Teen magazines have called Kyriakos "The Inspiration That The Youth Have Been Waiting For"[citation needed]

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Acting career[edit]

Kyriakos studied media and performing arts to an A-Level, he left education in 2010 to push forward his dream career in the film industry.

He started by doing street performances around London which led to further work with promotional campaigns for companies. He then went on to act as lead character in the short Criminals Game, a low budget short which later on led to a sequel to be filmed later this year.

In 2009 Kyriakos played the role of 'Bisto' in the play Road (written by Jim Cartwright). Early in 2010 Kyriakos devised a workshop with a group of friends which targeted the effects of bullying and transformation from Primary to Secondary school, the group did a tour visiting Year 6 students in schools around South London.

In 2011 he performed in theatre as 'Walter Younger' in the play A Raisin in the Sun (written by Lorraine Hansberry). Later that year he worked on the film Fast Girls (starring Noel Clarke). He then played a young bully in the feature film Riots (2012) (directed by Simon Phillips) and played an inmate in Offender.

Kyriakos has done a range of background work from adverts to TV series such as EastEnders to big blockbusters such as Skyfall and Rush.

He has acted in numerous community events, and has contributed to a lot of his time to his home town of Forest Hill located in the south of London.

Directing/Filmmaking Career[edit]

Kyriakos started off with his first ever short film in 2008 'School Lockdown' which was a short horror film based on students who have been locked in a school overnight. Since then he got the taste for film, and started his own media production company ' Kezman Productions ' He then started with his next main project which was 'What's Really Out There?' (a documentary on knife crime and how the media effects the causes.) (2009)

In 2010 Kyriakos filmed/directed and acted in the short film 'The power is in the key' which was set to become a hit TV series but didn't make the air due to tragic family circumstances. Kyriakos is currently working on a new film project which is going to be released in 2014 called Reflection. (It is a feature-length film based on true events and Kyriakos has been quoted as saying ' This film will change your life and change the outlook on the film industry as we know it, forever.')

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