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Kyriakos Velopoulos (Greek: Κυριάκος Βελόπουλος; born 24 October 1965) is a Greek politician and former parliament member, and television personality. Born in Germany, his parents were refugee peasants. After his graduation from Dendropotamos high school, he studied journalism and was awarded a scholarship.

During his compulsory military service in the Hellenic Army, he served as an officer on the islands of North-Eastern Aegean Sea, and the Greek mainland. He is a member of the Academy of the Greek language in Germany and a member of the Union of Writers of Northern Greece. He was a member of ONNED, the youth organisation of New Democracy (ND) until 1988 and ideologically defines himself as belonging to the "patriotic ND".[1]

As a journalist he has worked in a number of radio and television stations, such as "TV Thessaloniki", "ΕΡΜΗΣ", "BEST", "TOP", "OPION", "TeleAsty", where he presented his two major shows "Η ΒΟΥΛΗ" and "ΕΛΛΗΝΟΡΑΜΑ", in which he promotes his books. Today he is presenter and owner of "Alert TV" channel.

He is the author of Greece Bleeds, which he claims deals with the corruption of Greek society, army, legal system and politics, and Alexander, the Greatest of the Greeks, a detailed biography of Alexander the Great which includes arguments on the subject's Greek origins.

He was a member of the Popular Orthodox Rally, the right nationalist populist party of Georgios Karatzaferis where he was a candidate in the 2004 Greek parliamentary elections, taking 5,700 votes. But he failed to be elected, because LAOS received only 2.90% of votes. In the regional elections of 2006, he was a candidate as Governor of Pella Prefecture where he came third with 7.11% and 2 seats. In the parliamentary elections of 2007 and 2009, he was elected in the B prefecture of Salonica.

From 2016 onwards he is president of the political party "Greek Solution" "Greek: Ελληνική Λύση", with no parliamentary representation.[2]

Issues with the Law[edit]

In 2012 it was revealed that he had sent the amount of 400.000 euros abroad.[3]

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