Kyrie (album)

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Studio album by Mina
Released 27 November 1980
Recorded at PDU studios in Lugano
Length 37 min : 03 s (Vol 1) + 39 min: 04 sec (Vol 2)
Label PDU
Producer Massimiliano Pani

Kyrie is a double album by Italian singer Mina released in 1980 as "Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2".[1] On this album Mina experiments with various genres, especially rock. The cover of the album features Mina's son Massimiliano Pani dressed as a hockey player.[2]

The Album[edit]

"Musica", the opening track expresses a feeling of renewal. The use of the synthesizer and Mina’s voice creates an almost futuristic sound, a rarefied atmospheric sound.[3]

This atmosphere sound collides with the roughness of "You Keep Me Hangin' On".[4] On this track Mina sings with a richer and gravely and coarse tone, creating a roughness to this remake of a classic song.

With "Quatt’ore ‘e tiempo" and we have one of the few moments more classic and traditional. The lyrics tell of a sequence of images that chases almost dancing in the rhythm of the melody. Neapolitan drama away from the usual melodic Neapolitan, the song is a free implementation of the famous “Pietà Signor”[5] composed by Alessandro Stradella.

"Chi sarà" is the composition by Simon Luca.[6] The melody is charming and the simplicity of both the music and lyrics make for a great song. The layering of Mina’s voice adds an interesting layer to the production of the song.

"Voglio stare bene" is a song that has similarities to the melody structure as Bohemian Rhapsody by "Queen". The song begins dramatically and there are constant changes in the tempo, creating different hues.[7]

The Shel Shapiro penned "I know" has a powerful chorus and with the sheer power of Mina’s voice makes for a great marriage of vocals and music. On Tra Napoli e un bicchiere the voices of Mina and Simon Luca play in unison to the endless intricate tones and scales to excellence.

The first volume ends with Capisco written by Massimiliano Pani. A disco-laced track with fast paced lyrics and a thumping beat incorporating synthesisers.

The second volume starts off with Fermerò qualcuno. The tone is dramatic and Mina sings with a sense of loneliness that is infused in every line of the text, with a lavish and engaging musical arrangement.

L'amore è bestia, l'amore è poeta has a reggae flavour to it, a new musical exploration for Mina.

A true musical gem on this album is a cover of the Beatles She's Leaving Home . The arrangement is more sumptuous and less saccharine than the arrangement. Paul McCartney and John Lennon liked that arrangement that they sent a telegram of congratulations to Maestro Mario Robbiani.[8]

Qualcosa in più is another defining moment of the album. The song structure and crescendo is musically innovative and sublime.

Colori has Mina explore the blues. The lyrics are beautiful and the arrangement transcendent. On the track Bambola gonfiabile the theme of exaggeration is essential. The song speaks of a Bambola gonfiabile (Inflatable doll) the music and lyrics are hard rock, sung so aggressively.

Radio is a song which lyrics are centred on jealousy. Touching tones and atmospheres at times poignant, given away by a base d 'fabulous arches and the magical sound of the flugelhorn.

Buonanotte, buonanotte is the ends volume two. The song has a lyrical sweetness in the verses and the sumptuousness arrangement of Massimiliano Pani.

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Musica" Maurizio Anesa, William Marino 5:52
2. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland 5:55
3. "Quatt'ore 'e tiempo (Aria di Chiesa di A. Stradella)" Ettore Lombardi, A. Prandi, Nino Romano 2:30
4. "Chi sarà" Simon Luca 4:07
5. "Voglio stare bene" Simon Luca 3:22
6. "I know" Shel Shapiro 5:38
7. "Tra Napoli e un bicchiere" Simon Luca, Andrea Lo Vecchio 3:10
8. "Capisco" Massimiliano Pani 6:10


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Fermerò qualcuno" Beppe Cantarelli, Marco Luberti 4:12
2. "L'amore è bestia, l'amore è poeta" Franco Migliacci, Claudio Fontana, Fabio Massimo Cantini 4:00
3. "She's Leaving Home" John Lennon, Paul McCartney 5:30
4. "Qualcosa in più" Simon Luca 5:30
5. "Colori" Andrea Lo Vecchio, Simon Luca 5:15
6. "Bambola gonfiabile" Simon Luca 3:40
7. "Radio" Bruno Lauzi, Beppe Cantarelli 5:10
8. "Buonanotte buonanotte" Carla Vistarini, Fabio Massimo Cantini 5:07




  • Maurizio Anesa, William Marino - track 1 (Vol 1)
  • Beppe Cantarelli - tracks 1, 7 (Vol 2)
  • Massimiliano Pani - tracks 2, 8 (Vol 1) / tracks 2, 8 (Vol 2)
  • Oscar Rocchi - track 3 (Vol 1)
  • Mario Robbiani - track 3 (Vol 2)
  • Shel Shapiro - track 6 (Vol 1)
  • Simon Luca - tracks 4, 5, 7 (Vol 1) / tracks 4/6 (Vol 2)

Other Musicians[edit]

  • Maurizio Anesa, Gigi Cappellotto, Flaviano Cuffari, Dino D'Autorio, Paolo Donnarumma - bass
  • L. Alì, Walter Scebran - drums
  • Claudio Bazzari, Beppe Cantarelli, Sergio Farina, William Marino, Gilberto Ziglioli - guitar
  • Hugo Heredia - flute
  • Sergio Fanni, Sergio Farina - flugelhorn
  • George Aghedo - percussioni
  • Victor Bach, Oscar Rocchi - piano
  • Aldo Banfi, William Marino, Simon Luca - synthesizer
  • Victor Bach, M. Paretti, Oscar Rocchi - keyboard
  • Simon Luca - vocals on the track "Tra Napoli e un bicchiere"
  • Rossana Casale, Lella Esposito, Pino Ferro, Mina-, Silvio Pozzoli, Wanda Radicchi, J. Scott, Simon Luca, M. Teneggi - choir