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River Kysuca near Kysucké Nové Mesto after short summer storm
Basin features
Main source Javorníky mountains, near Makov (Žilinský kraj, Slovakia)
610 m (2,000 ft)
River mouth Váh in Žilina
49°14′7″N 18°43′50″E / 49.23528°N 18.73056°E / 49.23528; 18.73056Coordinates: 49°14′7″N 18°43′50″E / 49.23528°N 18.73056°E / 49.23528; 18.73056
Progression VáhDanubeBlack Sea
Basin size 1,038 km2 (401 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 66.3 km (41.2 mi)
  • Average rate:
    17.7 m3/s (630 cu ft/s)

The Kysuca (Hungarian: Kiszuca) is a 66.3 km long river in northern Slovakia. It is a right tributary to the Váh. The river gives name to the informal Kysuce region.

Its source is near the village of Makov. At first, the river flows in northwestern direction, where it flows around Javorníky on the right and Kysucké Beskydy mountains on the left side, passing through the town of Turzovka until the town of Čadca, where it turns south, between Javorníky on the right and Kysucká vrchovina mountains on the left side, passing Horelica, Krásno nad Kysucou, Kysucké Nové Mesto until it pours to Váh in Žilina. In the valley of Kysuca south of Čadca, a railway and an international road (currently E75, in the future D3) passes through it.


The etymology is unclear, potentially related to the ancient name Cusus. In ancient times, it could be believed that the Kysuca is the mainstream of the Váh (Cusus). Alternatively Cusus was exclusively the name of the Kysuca.[1]

Kysuca river in winter - Čadca


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