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For the 2000 Czech film "Kytice", see Wild Flowers (2000 film).

Kytice z pověstí národních (A Bouquet of Folk Legends), also known by the short title Kytice (Czech for bouquet; pronounced KEE-tyee-tseh), is a collection of ballads by the Czech author Karel Jaromír Erben. The collection was first published in 1853 and was originally made up of 12 poems. Lilie was added to the second edition in 1861.

  1. Kytice
  2. Poklad (Treasure)
  3. Svatební košile (The Wedding Shirts)
  4. Polednice (Lady midday)
  5. Zlatý kolovrat (The Golden Spinning-Wheel)
  6. Štědrý den (Christmas Eve)
  7. Holoubek (Little Dove)
  8. Záhořovo lože (Záhoř's Bed)
  9. Vodník (The Water-Goblin)
  10. Vrba (Willow)
  11. Lilie (Lily)
  12. Dceřina kletba (Daughter's Curse)
  13. Věštkyně (Seeress)


The Kytice collection has inspired several adaptations for various media:

  • Kytice (Wild Flowers), a 2000 Czech drama film directed by F. A. Brabec depicting 7 of the poems: Kytice, Vodník, Svatební košile, Polednice, Zlatý kolovrat, Dceřina kletba, Štědrý den
  • Svatební košile, a 1978 Czech animated short directed by Josef Kábrt
  • Svatební košile, a 1925 Czech film directed by and starring Theodor Pištěk

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