Kyuden Voltex

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Kyuden Voltex
Full name Kyuden Voltex
Union Japan Rugby Football Union
Nickname(s) Voltex
Founded 1951
Location Fukuoka, Japan
Ground(s) Kashii, Fukuoka city
Team kit

Kyuden Voltex is a Japanese rugby team owned by Kyushu Electric Power Co. (Kyūshū Denryoku). The nickname "Voltex" is a conflation of "Voltage" and "Techniques" and was decided after the team won promotion to the Top League. The team is based in Kashii, Fukuoka and from the 2007-8 season is playing in the semi-professional Top League at the top of Japanese domestic rugby. It is the third team based in Kyūshū to play in the league, the other two being Coca-Cola Red Sparks and Fukuoka Sanix Blues.

In the fifth season of the Top League (2007-8) Kyuden managed to avoid the play-offs and stay in the league. They also won the league's "Fair Play" prize.

Team colours[edit]

Main: red with yellow trimmed jersey, black shorts; Second: white jersey and shorts with blue trim. See here. The former are Kyuden's traditional colours since founding of the club. The colours to be used in the Top League were announced on October 12, 2007. 

Sanix v Kyuden at Global Arena, Top League Round 11, January 20, 2008. Kyuden won this local derby 13-5. Nathan Grey is at outside centre (No. 12).

2012-13 Squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union
Tatsuya Matsunaga Hooker Japan Japan
Ryota Nakanishi Hooker Japan Japan
Kouki Satou Hooker Japan Japan
Masahiro Arima Prop Japan Japan
Kotaro Hirohata Prop Japan Japan
Keiji Ikeda Prop Japan Japan
Kodai Kawasaki Prop Japan Japan
Kazuyuki Koyanagi Prop Japan Japan
Koki Imamura Prop Japan Japan
Hirofumi Onoda Prop Japan Japan
Chris Jack Lock New Zealand New Zealand
Kohei Kichijo Lock Japan Japan
Masato Ura Lock Japan Japan
Kazuto Yamashita Lock Japan Japan
Toshihiro Yoshiura Lock Japan Japan
Kazuma Hirata Flanker Japan Japan
Shun Kawarasaki Flanker Japan Japan
Tom McVerry Flanker Australia Australia
Michiro Takai Flanker Japan Japan
Makoto Matsumoto Flanker Japan Japan
Takahiro Ooyama Flanker Japan Japan
Takeshi Sindo Flanker Japan Japan
Genki Nakamura Flanker Japan Japan
Shintaro Urakawa Flanker Japan Japan
Masatoshi Hasako Number 8 Japan Japan
Takahiro Inoue Number 8 Japan Japan
Matt Luamanu Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Wataru Obara Number 8 Japan Japan
Akinobu Nagano Number 8 Japan Japan
Player Position Union
Kazuki Abe Scrum-half Japan Japan
Kotako Komori Scrum-half Japan Japan
James Price Scrum-half Philippines Philippines
Tadasuke Matsuo Scrum-half Japan Japan
Yuzou Honda Fly-half Japan Japan
Kousei Kukimoto Fly-half Japan Japan
Genki Saito Fly-half Japan Japan
Gareth Holgate Centre Philippines Philippines
Ben Jacobs Centre Australia Australia
Kota Kurogi Centre Japan Japan
Hiroaki Otsubo Centre Japan Japan
Takuya Shima Centre Japan Japan
Dwayne Sweeney Centre New Zealand New Zealand
Yuichi Yamaguchi Centre Japan Japan
Kenji Hayata Wing Japan Japan
Masanobu Suefuji Wing Japan Japan
Masahiro Yoshinaga Wing Japan Japan
Tomohiro Shokai Fullback Japan Japan
Yusuke Aramaki Fullback Japan Japan
Katsuya Yoshida Fullback Japan Japan



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