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Kim Kyung Jun (born 11 May 1987) -Asian lunar birthday, and official birthday known- is a South Korean violinist.


Kyung Jun Kim is violinist, born in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He began playing the violin at age of six. Kim attended Victoria School for the Arts (Alberta), Sunhwa Arts School (Seoul), Rutherford High School (New Jersey) and Yonsei University.[1] His conclusion of regular education completion was the Complete Bach Sonatas for Violin Solo Recital at the Uijeongbu Arts Center.[2] His profile included top-prizes at the eleven national music competitions, finalist at the Hankookilbo Competition,[3] first-prize at the Journal of Music Competition,[4] first-prize at the Music Spring Autumn Competition,[5] first-prize at the Music Education News Concours,[6] second-prize at the Ehwa & Kyunghyang Music Concours,[7] second-prize at the Strad Competition of Korea,[8] grand-prize at the Seoul National Symphony National Youth Music Competition,[9] second-prize at the Buam Concours,[10] first-prize at the Inje Concours,[11] winner at the Korea Joongang Daily Dreamtree Award,[12] and first-prize at the Korea Herald Music Competition.[13] Professional music tranings at Korea National University of the Arts preparatory school,[14] The Juilliard School pre-college,[15] and Yale University School of Music.[16]


He was the winner of the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award,.[17] As world rising violinist, Mr. Kyung Jun Kim was named semi-finalist at the International Tchaikovsky Competition for young musician and the Young Concert Artist International Auditions, the first-prize at the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra International Young Artist Competition, the third-prize at the Yokohama International Music Competition.,[18] the sixth-prize (juried prize) at the Japan Nishinihon International Music Competition,[19] and the first-prize at the Korea International Music Competition.[20]


Kyung Jun Kim performed at the Euro Music Festival,[21] the Eumyoun Music Festival,[22] the Walnut Hill Summer Music Festival,[23] and the Young Musicians Festival. His other performances were at the North American concert halls, Muttart Hall,[24] Winspeare Center,[25] the Lincoln Center,[26] and Yale University.[27] In addition, Mr. Kim's most recent recital highlights are brilliant. Starting from 2008, he gave four most memorable recitals at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts,[28] the Mcgraw Hill Financial Young Artists Showcase,[29] the Eugene Ysaye Sonatas Muffin Reception recital,[30] and the Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol "Share your Talent" (recital series over three days at the Amsterdam Schiphol).[31] As soloist, Mr. Kim is trying to appear at more solo performances, as his solo repertoire has finally reached to maximum number of nearly forty.

Radio broadcasts and special thanks[edit]

violinist Kyung Jun appeared on the McGraw-Hill Companies Young Artists Showcase,[32] particular week radio program titled "The Hidden Gems" (2011). He was winner of the Salon de Virtuosi Award.[33] The year he won this prestigious award, Mr. Kim worked as the concertmaster, the Juilliard School Pre-College Orchestra.[34] He performed Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Op.35 at the Steinway Hall,[35] New York, playing with the Antonio Stradivari "Lady Tannant" kindly loaned from the Stradivari Society.[36] He is usually playing with the Sergio Peresson.[37]


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