Kyungpook National University

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Kyungpook National University
Motto 진리, 긍지, 봉사
"Truth, Pride, Service"
Type National
Established 1946 (founded 1907)
President 18th President Kim Sang-Dong
Academic staff

Full-time1,880 includong foreign

faculty of 80 in 2015
Part-time 1,660 (2010)
Students 38,616 (as of Oct, 2015)
Undergraduates 31,516
Postgraduates 7,100
Location Daegu, South Korea

Urban Main campus complex at Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu,

Medical college & General hospital at Dongin, Dental Campus at Samduk and Sangju Campus
Colors KNU Red     
Nickname Kyungdae (경대;慶大)
Website, english
Kyungpook National University
Revised Romanization Gyeongbuk Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Kyŏngbuk Taehakkyo

Kyungpook National University (경북대학교, abbreviated as KNU or Kyungdae, 경대) is a national university representing Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongbuk Province in South Korea . It is located in the Daegu Metropolitan City, which is the capital city of the Gyeongbuk Province, South Korea. (Kyungpook in the university's name represents an old romanization of the province's name, now most commonly spelled Gyeongbuk.)


Kyungpook National University was founded on September, 1946 by upgrading the Colleges of Education, Medicine and Agriculture in Daegu to the National College. In October, 1951, Colleges of Education, Medicine, Agriculture, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Law and Political Sciences combined into Kyungpook National University. Other departments including Engineering and Dentistry were established sequentially to create what is now known as Kyungpook National University.


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Kyungpook National University has four campuses in the Gyeongbuk province. The main campus, which houses the major engineering and science schools is located in the heart of Daegu city in the Buk-gu area. The Kyungpook National University also has separate campuses for its teaching hospital known as the Dongin campus as well as a campus at Samduk for its dental school and hospital. In addition, Kyungpook National University also functions from its Sangju campus.

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