Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thii
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.jpg
Intertitle of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story
R M Joshi, Salil Sand, Anil Nagpal, Koel Chaudhary, Mitesh Shah & Swati Shah
R M Joshi, Vipul Mehta, Bhavin Patel, Nayana Dasgupta, Mitesh Shah, Salil Sand, Kamlesh Kunti Singh, Anil Nagpal, Archita Biswas, Mrinal Jha and Swati Shah
Dilip Rawal, Anand Gandhi, Sunjoy Shekhar, Rekkha Modi, Brij Mohan Pandey and Vinod Sharma
Directed by Ashish Patil, Kaushik Ghatak, Nivedita Basu Suraj Rao, Santosh Badal, Dharmesh Shah, Santram Verma, Garry Bhinder, Deepak Chavan, Sanotsh Bhatt, Fahad Kashmiri, Avhiroop Mazzumdar, Jeetu Arora, Santosh Kolhe, Vicky Chauhan, Rohit Dwivedi, Deepak Sharma, Shyam Maheshwari, Talat Jani, Hitesh Tejwani and many more
Creative director(s) Monisha Singh, Aparna Dubey, Ekta R Bahri, Bhairvi Shah, Shivangi Singh Chauhan, Shipra Arora, Doyel Som, Vikas Gupta
Starring See below
Opening theme Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi by Priya Bhattacharya
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 1833
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor
Editor(s) Dharmesh Shah, Sanjeev Shukla, and Sagar S Naighojkar
Cinematography Raju Halasagi, Sudesh Kotian, Deepak Malwankar, Sanjay Malwankar, Ashok Salian and Sanjay Memane
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Balaji Telefilms
Original channel STAR Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 3 July 2000 – 6 November 2008
The first three generations of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (English: Because a mother-in-law was once a daughter-in-law, too) is an Indian soap opera that premiered on 3 July 2000 on Star Plus. The show revolves around an ideal daughter-in-law Tulsi Virani, the daughter of a pandit married to the grandson of rich business tycoon Govardhan Virani. The role of the protagonist Tulsi Virani was played by Smriti Irani. The show was co-produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor under their banner Balaji Telefilms.

Produced with the back-drop of Mumbai and the concept of an ideal Gujarati joint family, the show made Producer Ekta Kapoor and Network Star Plus achieve great heights of success, by not only being the number 1 show on Indian Television[1] for eight constant long years but also receiving great TRPs.[2][3] The show also went on to receive several awards, most of which were won by Smriti Irani for her portrayal of the ideal character Tulsi. The show also won Best Continuing Series at Indian Telly Awards for six consecutive years (2002-2007) and won Best Serial (Popular) for five consecutive years(2001-2005) at Indian Television Academy Awards.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was dubbed in Sinhala language and broadcast on Sirasa TV where it was titled as Maha Gedara ("Big Home" in Sinhalese).[4][5] It was also dubbed in Dari language and was aired on Tolo TV in Afghanistan.[6][7][8][9]

Plot summary[edit]

The show revolves around the protagonist Tulsi Virani (Smriti Irani), the ideal daughter of her father who falls in love with the grandson of Govardhan Virani rich business tycoon Mihir Virani (Amar Upadhyay/Ronit Roy) and marries him and becomes the ideal daughter-in-law of the family. The show also focuses on how she deals with daily life and with her mother-in-law Savita Virani (Apara Mehta). At first the family chooses Payal (Jaya Bhattacharya) for Mihir but then Mihir gets married to Tulsi when he realises that Payal is a gold digger and he actually loves Tulsi. Tulsi has a sister Kesar. Tulsi is nearest and loved to the grandmother of Mihir, Amba Virani (Sudha Shivpuri) affectionately called "Baa" by all family members. Tulsi gives birth to their first child Gautam. While she was pregnant with her second child it is revealed that her sister - in - law, wife of Mihir's real brother Kiran can never bear child. She decides to give them Gautam but in the turn of events Kiran and his wife escape with Gautam without letting anyone know about it and hence Tulsi loses her child. Subsequently she goes into labour and gives birth to a girl Shobha. Meanwhile Mihir's four cousins move ahead with their lives. Chirag (Hussain Kuwajerwala) who is in T.V. industry marries Prajakta much to his mother Daksha's(Ketki Dave) dislike but who remains to be Tulsi's confidante. While Sejal and Suhani get married and go to their matrimonial home. The other cousin Hemant (Shakti Anand) marries his assistant Pooja (Prachi Shah).

The show then takes a 20 years leap. It is shown that Tulsi and Mihir are now proud parents of a daughter Shobha and of a son Harsh. Sahil (Sandeep Baswana) and Tarun are sons of Hemant and Pooja. Sejal has divorced her husband and living in Virani mansion with her daughter Indu. Chirag is father of twin daughters Saavri and Baavri. Tulsi is still waiting for her eldest son Gautam. Meanwhile after some time Hemant and Pooja along with their son Tarun move to Australia while Sahil lives in Mumbai to take care of the family business. Chirag too shifted with his family to U.S.A when he gets a big offer. Suhani is happy in her matrimonial home. Thereafter Gautam returns while it is shown that Kiran has a daughter Kairshma. Gautam (Sumeet Sachdev) comes to know about his real parents and thus moves to Virani mansion but he is quite spoiled and always remained in conflict over business issues with his cousin Sahil. There after he pretends to love his family and having a change of heart but that was not so. Tulsi gets him engaged with a shy sweet girl Ganga (Shilpa Saklani) who is indebted to Virani family as they helped her a lot in raising her brother and being a support of her widow mother. Unknown to Tulsi, Gautam loves Teesha and Sahil and Ganga are in love, but for Tulsi's wish Sahil and Ganga decide to sacrifice their love and Gautam becomes more resentful of his mother. After some time he divorces her and gets her married to Sahil and he himself marries Teesha. The whole family is happy. Shobha is also married by then. As fate has it pregnant Teesha and Gautam meet with an accident and thus Teesha dies. Gautam is distraught and he again becomes violent and obstinate as opposed to being calm when Teesha was around. Then he marries Damini (Riva Bubber) just to irritate her but gradually falls in love with her. Then a time comes when Damini and Ganga both are pregnant but on janmashtami Ganga suffers a miscarriage and Damini gives one of her twin boys, Nakul to Ganga much to Gautam's dislike. Then it is revealed that Mayank suffers from some psychological disorder. Here Shobha is widowed while she is mother of a baby boy. Then it is revealed by Tulsi's sister Kesar that Harsh is her son not Tulsi's. She was pregnant with Harsh at the same time when Tulsi was expecting her third child. Kesar was bearing an illegitimate child who was not fathered by her husband. The father of the child was a criminal with whom she came in contact when her husband was out on his touring job. When both the ladies gave birth to baby boys at the very same time and when Kesar was holding Tulsi's baby in the nursery the father of her child Raj Malhotra came and misunderstood the baby in Kesar's arms to be his and fled with it . Thus helpless Kesar put her own baby as Tulsi's and told her that she had a miscarriage. Then she went on living life with her husband and two daughters. Thus hunt for Tulsi's son started and ended in Aditya Gujaral's house. Tulsi's son was now Ansh Gujaral (Akashdeep Saigal); son of famous business tycoon and criminal Aditya Gujaral who was an accomplice of Raj Malhotra. He before dying gave his son to Gujaral and he brought him as his son; his pride. Ansh was a spoiled brat who knows nothing but evil. Aditya Gujaral on coming to know abouth the truth agrees to give in Ansh but in the back stage he has conspired with Ansh to get hold of Virani's wealth and property. When Ansh comes he becomes obsessed with Nandini (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani) who is a friend of Karan (Hiten Tejwani). Karan is Mihir's son but not from Tulsi. His mother is Mandira Kapadia (Mandira Bedi/Achint Kaur) with whom Mihir had an extramarital affair while he lost his memory in Australia 20 years ago. Tulsi comes to know about this step son of hers but bravely decides to give him the name of his father and accepts him as her own son. Though reluctant at first Karan becomes devoted to Tulsi and values her more than his own mother. They share a precious bond that is rarely even seen between real mother and son. Thus though Nandini and Karan were in love, Karan sacrifices her for Tulsi's real son as a token of gratitude towards her. Ansh left no stone unturned in wooing her but could not turn her heart towards him. She married him as a duty to her lover and now in severe pain. Ansh on the other hand in eagerness to consummate the marriage raped Nandini brutally. Karan and Tulsi could not save her. Ansh gets framed in marital rape case with the help of a lawyer Meera Singhania (Subhaavi K.) who becomes friend of Tulsi. She develops feelings for Mihir but decided not to do anything about that. Ansh thus absconds and tries to kill Nandini in a fit of rage. Tulsi shoots him to save Nandini. Ansh dies and Tulsi goes on to suffer imprisonment of three years. Nandini meets with an accident while she was pregnant with Ansh's child. She delivers a girl, Bhoomi and herself goes into coma. Karan marries Nandini's friend Tanya (Rakshanda Khan) to take care of Bhoomi. Meanwhile Ganga delivers a baby boy; Lakshya. Three years pass. When Tanya comes to know of her pregnancy with Karan's child, Nandini comes out of coma. Karan and Nandini start living as couple and the truth of his marriage with Tanya is not revealed to her. Subsequently she comes to know about that and accepts Tanya and her child Manthan. However in a mysterious turn of events Aditya Gujaral dies and Karan takes the blame on him. Nandini comes forward and reveals that she is the actual murderer as he was trying to snatch Bhoomi from her. She goes on to serve life sentence while she was pregnant with Karan's child. It was revealed meanwhile that Ansh prior to coming in Viranis' life had a wife Shraddha and a son Eklavya. Shradha has died and Gautam adopts Eklavya. He is commanded all respect as the eldest son of the family. Meanwhile Ganga is ousted from house as Sahil engages in affair with Tripti (Suvarna Jha), his colleague and marries her and due to Meera's conspiracy. Meera is now madly in love with Mihir and joins hands with Mandira to throw Tulsi out from Mihir's life. Their conspiracy is overheard by Mihir's mother Savita. Mandira causes Savita's accident in which she is severely injured. She is taken to hospital by Tulsi where she urges Tulsi for her own mercy killing as she is unable to bear the pain of her injuries. Left with no choice, Tulsi switches off Savita's life support machine and Savita dies. Mihir and the entire family are away to attend a marriage. When they return, they find Savita dead. Meera puts the blame on Tulsi and instigates Mihir against her with fake proofs. Holding Tulsi responsible for his mother's death, Mihir throws Tulsi out of Virani House despite the protests of his family members. Tulsi decides to go to Haridwar but her bus meets with an accident in the way and she is believed to be dead. The Virani family members are shattered and hate Mihir holding him responsible for Tulsi's so death. Mihir falls into depression and becomes an alcoholic.

Show takes 20 years leap. Tulsi's grandchildren are now grown up. Meera has been living with Viranis for these years as Mihir's friend. Karan and Tanya are living as husband and wife all these years bringing up Bhoomi and Manthan. Nandini is missing from the prison and presumed to be dead. Ganga has strained all ties from the family and nobody has heard from her. Tulsi in fact is alive and is living in Haridwar taking care of her adopted daughter Krishna Tulsi ; her replica. Tulsi comes to Mumbai with Krishna Tulsi where she accidentally meets Mihir during community riots. Later, Meera's truth is exposed by Sahil and Ganga's son Lakshya (Pulkit Samrat) and she is arrested by Police. The guilt ridden Mihir apologizes Tulsi for his deeds and somehow convinces Tulsi to return back to Virani house. Bhoomi falls in love with Abir, a rich guy and their marriage is fixed. But Abir leaves Bhoomi on the day of marriage. Tulsi gets Bhoomi married to Joydeep, an orphan who has been adopted by Virani family much to Bhoomi's disapproval. Nandini is revealed to be alive. Karan is overjoyed to see Nandini alive which makes Tanya insecure. Nandini assures Tanya and sacrifices her love and happiness for the sake of Tanya who had brought up Nandini's daughter Bhoomi like her own. Krishna Tulsi aka KT and Lakshya fall in love with each other. Eklavya whose appearance resembles his father Ansh, is also in love with KT. Meanwhile KT is raped by someone. Tulsi suspects Manthan because of his adversity with KT but eventually it is revealed that mentally unstable Mayank (Gautam and Damini's son) had raped KT. Tulsi sends Mayank to mental asylum which earns her the hatred of her daughter-in-laws Damini and Tanya. Tripti instigates Damini and Tanya against Tulsi and the trio along with Eklavya plot to destroy Tulsi. Meanwhile the day of wedding of KT and Lakshya arrives. Eklavya takes Lakshya's place as groom and deceitfully marries KT locking Lakshya up in room. Damini, Tanya and Tripti falsely accuse Tulsi of planning this marriage and succeed in proving that Tulsi is insane. Tulsi is sent to mental asylum by Mihir where she is tormented by the doctors. Tulsi escapes from the asylum and boards a goods truck to return back but the truck meets with a fatal accident in which Tulsi is presumed dead much to the shock of Baa and Mihir. After six months,it is revealed that Tulsi had survived the accident but burnt her face and hence acquired a new apperance by Plastic Surgery. She (Gautami Kapoor) returns to Virani house but nobody believes that she is Tulsi. Slowly she proves her identity to her family members. Damini and Tanya realise their mistakes and apologize Tulsi. But then Tripti conspires to get hold of Virani's property and throws out the Viranis from their house. The entire Virani family unites to defeat Tripti and she is sent to jail on charges of fraud. The Viranis get their property back. Ganga and Sahil are reunited. After this Tanya move out of Karan and Nandini's lives for good and they are also reunited. Just when everything seems to be alright, Mandira reenters into Viranis' lives. It is now revealed that the woman living as Tulsi in Virani house is not the actual Tulsi but she is Juhi Thakral. She had been impersonating as Tulsi for sake of money and property. The real Tulsi (Smriti Irani) had lost her memory after the truck accident and had been living in an ashram for the previous one year. All this is revealed to be the game plan of Mandira who wants Mihir and his property. She had used Juhi as a ploy to get Mihir. Mihir finds it out and exposes Mandira and Juhi in front of the Viranis. An accident causes Tulsi to regain her memory. Mihir and Karan bring Tulsi back in house and reunites her with the family. The entire family is happy to see Tulsi back. Even after this, Tulsi deals with many trials and tribulations which she does successfully by not losing her faith in God and herself.

In the final episode, Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar) from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii makes a special appearance and tells Tulsi that she has Tulsi's grandson "Parth" who is Karan and Nandini's long-lost son. She states that she has raised him and that she had told Baa to name the entire wealth after him.[10]


Reception and termination[edit]

The show has been the longest running daily soap on Indian television that ran from 2000-2008 thereby completing 1833 episodes.[11] The show set a benchmark by maintaining double digit TRPs for over five years in succession [12] and its No.1 position among Indian Television shows throghout its run. [13] Even in its eighth year 2008, the show was the topmost show on Indian television averaging a TRP of 5.4.[14][15]

The death of the character of Mihir Virani in 2001 lead to fan protest marches to bring back the character back.[16] The return of Mihir Virani brought an all-time high TRP of 22.4 for the show which has been the highest TRP achieved by an Indian serial. [17] [18]

After being cut, the studio took the station to court asserting that they had a contract through March 2009 and that the station had not provided appropriate promotion. The claims were dismissed in November 2008.[19][20][21]


Star Parivaar Awards
Year Category Recipient Role
2003 Favorite Daadi[36] Sudha Shivpuri Baa
Favorite Bahu[36] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Patni[36] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Pati[36] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Favorite Saas[36] Apara Mehta Savita Virani
2004 Favorite Daadi[37] Sudha Shivpuri Baa
Favorite Maa[37] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Pita[37] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Favorite Bhai[37] Sumeet Sachdev Gautam Virani
Favorite Beta[37] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Devrani[37] Shilpa Saklani Ganga Virani
Favorite Yogya Damad[37] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Yogya Bahu[37] Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Nandini Virani
Favorite Saas[37] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
2005 Favorite Chota Bacha[38] Chinky Jaiswal Bhoomi Virani
Favorite Saas[38] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Beta[38] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Jethani[38] Riva Bubber Damini Virani
Favorite Devrani[38] Shilpa Saklani Ganga Virani
Favorite Nanand[38] Ritu Choudhry Seth Shobha Virani
Favorite Saut[38] Rakshandha Khan Tanya Virani
Favorite Khalnayak[38] Akashdeep Saighal Ansh Virani
Favorite Jodi[38] Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Karan & Nandini Virani
2006 Favorite Chota Bacha[39] Chinky Jaiswal Bhoomi Virani
Favorite Beta[39] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Jethani[39] Riva Bubber Damini Virani
Favorite Nanand[39] Ritu Choudhry Seth Shobha Virani
Favorite Saut[39] Rakshandha Khan Tanya Virani
Favorite Bahu[39] Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Nandini Virani
Favorite Saas[39] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Sasur[39] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
2007 Favorite Naya Sadsya (Male)[40] Pulkit Samrat Lakshya Virani
Favorite Beta[40] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Devrani[40] Shilpa Saklani Ganga Virani
Favorite Saut[40] Rakshandha Khan Tanya Virani
Favorite Bahu[40] Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Nandini Virani
Favorite Saas[40] Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
Favorite Sasur[40] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Favorite Jodi[40] Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Karan & Nandini Virani
2008 Favorite Beta[41] Hiten Tejwani Karan Virani
Favorite Devrani[41] Shilpa Saklani Ganga Virani
Favorite Jethani[41] Riva Bubber Damini Virani
Favorite Saut[41] Achint Kaur Mandira
Favorite Khalnayak[41] Suvarna Jha Trupti Virani
Favorite Bahu[41] Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Nandini Virani
Favorite Sasur[41] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Favorite Jodi[41] Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Karan & Nandini Virani
Special Recognition
Declaring her as Base of Star Plus
Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani


Year Award Category Recipient Role
2002 Kalakar Awards Best Actor (Popular)[42] Amar Upadhyay Mihir Virani
2004 Kalakar Awards Best Actor (Popular)[42] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Best Actress (Popular)[42] Jaya Bhattacharya Payal Mehra
Best Serial[42] Ekta Kapoor
Best Title Singer[42] Priya Bhattacharya
2005 Gr8! Women Achiever Awards Best Home-Maker Award Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
2007 Sansui Television Awards Sansui Television Personality Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Best Actor in Negative Role (Popular) Akashdeep Saighal Ansh Virani
Best Actress in Supporting Role (Popular) Gauri Pradhan Nandini Virani
Best Actress in a Negative Role (Jury) Achint Kaur Mandira
Zee Astitva Award Best Television Personality Smriti Irani Tulsi Virani
2008 The Global Indian TV Honours 2008 Best Actor[43] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Best Supporting Actress (Female)[43] Achint Kaur Mandira
Best Jodi[43] Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Karan & Nandini Virani
Sansui Television Awards Best Actor (Jury) Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
Best Actor in Negative Role (Jury) Akashdeep Saighal Eklavya Virani
Best Actress in Negative Role (Popular) Rakshandha Khan Tanya Virani
Best Actress in a Negative Role (Jury) Suvarna Jha Trupti Virani
2010 Indian Television Academy Awards ITA Milestone Award[44] Sudha Shivpuri
Apara Mehta
Smriti Irani
Hiten Tejwani
Sumeet Sachdev
India Ne Banadi Jodi Awards Best Jodi of The Decade Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Karan & Nandini Virani
Indian Telly Awards Best Actor of The Decade[28] Ronit Roy Mihir Virani
BIG Star Entertainment Awards BIG Star TV Show of the Decade (Fiction) Ekta Kapoor


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