Kyzylsu River

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Kyzylsu River rises on the southern slopes of the Vakhsh Range in the north-east of Tajikistan's Khatlon Province and runs south-west for a length of 230 km until joining Panj River on the border with Afghanistan. It merges with the Yakhsu River as a major left tributary south of the town of Kulyab. It irrigates the cotton-growing Kyzylsu Valley between Kulyab and Panj in the south-east of Khatlon Province. It is not the Kyzyl-Suu River that rises in Kyrgyzstan and flows through Tajikistan as Surkhob, then Vakhsh River, following a course north-west of Kyzylsu.

Coordinates: 37°22′20″N 69°22′53″E / 37.3723°N 69.3815°E / 37.3723; 69.3815