L'Île aux enfants

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Casimir in 2006

L'Île aux enfants was a French children's television show that was broadcast from 1975 to 1982. The show was broadcast first on FR3 before being broadcast for seven consecutive seasons on TF1. The show was cancelled on June 30, 1982.


  • Casimir: Yves Brunier. An anthropomorphic orange dinosaur with yellow and red spots. He appeared for the first time on television on September 16, 1974 on French television. Size : 1.90 meters; Weight : 150 kilograms; Character : Funny, generous, naive; Favourite food : Gloubi-boulga.
  • Albéric and later Hippolyte, Casimir's cousin: Gérard Camoin
  • Léonard le Renard: Boris Scheigam
  • François: Patrick Bricard
  • Julie: Éliane Gauthier
  • Mademoiselle (Edmée) Futaie: Marie-Noëlle Chevalier
  • Monsieur (Fulbert Anselme) du Snob: Jean-Louis Terrangle
  • The postman Émile Campagne: Henri Bon
  • Monsieur (Albert) Travling: Sacha Briquet
  • Marie Chanson: Marie Myriam
  • Albertine: Geneviève Brunet
  • Sabrina: Anne Ludovik

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