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L'Infini (in English Infinity) is a French literary magazine, established in 1983 in Paris by Philippe Sollers as a follow up of the magazine Tel Quel. The magazine was first published by Éditions Denoël and later on by Gallimard.

The magazine has published work by Philippe Sollers, Julia Kristeva, Marcelin Pleynet, and other notable writers and young authors such as Marc-Edouard Nabe, Pierre Bourgeade, François Meyronnis, Yannick Haenel, Frédéric Berthet, David di Nota, Clément Rosset, Alexandre Duval-Stalla, Chantal Thomas, Thomas Ravier, Cécile Guilbert, Bernard Sichère, Raphaël Denys, Alessandro Mercuri, Steven Sampson.

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