L'architecte textile

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L'architecte textile
Directed byMika'ela Fisher
Written byMika'ela Fisher
Produced byMika'Ela Fisher
CinematographyMika'Ela Fisher
Edited byAnne Amiand
Music bySébastien Rostagno
Distributed bySaint-André-des-Arts
Release date
  • 27 September 2017 (2017-09-27)
Running time
100 minutes

L'architecte textile is a 2017 French documentary feature film [1] directed by Mika'ela Fisher about sartorial art.[2][3]


An in-depth documentary on the architecture of bespoke tailoring. Over the course of hundreds of hours the mistress tailor filmed herself while making a three-piece suit. This film is an open window into this sartorial craft.


About the film[edit]

Documenting the intimate in sartorial art:

A mistress tailor films herself in the creative production of a three-piece suit : sketch, pattern, fabric, shaping, assembly, fitting, finalization - hundreds of (wo)man-hours, a story, a film... and an allegory.

Homage as essence[edit]

Art sartorial[edit]

Art Sartorial is maybe a forgotten or unknown term, but corresponds to the art of the Master Tailor. And this film wants to show in detail the knowledge and practice thus of the technique of this art.

Grand Couture[edit]

An avant-garde documentary that was fallen right in the middle of the Fashion Week, while the press attaches are boosting their crazy fashion designer on social networks and while the fashion bloggers and the hippest people in the world Planet rush at the foot of the catwalk. L'architecte textile a perfect counterpoint, the precise work of a watchmaker in the space of the textile architect, who with his skillful hands structures and builds the garment that will sublimate the body by drawing clean lines, and, for the beauty of the gesture, sneak by the tip of the needle the pleats flying away at the slightest movement ...

A masterpiece of precision micro mechanics ... the Art of the Grand Couture.[4]

Chrysopras Films L'architecte textile


The original idea was to realize a school film for fashion students so that traditional couture survives and we do not forget the technique of sartorial art, which is disappearing.[5] The first provisional version of the film is 10 hours long. Finally, a 100-minute cinema film has been created to give "non-professionals" the opportunity to experience this exclusive and increasingly rare profession. The film has a very avant-garde structure because of the type of camera work, the sound design and the editing of the film, so the film genre is difficult to reclassify. A mix of documentary, experimental film, feature film, cultural film and educational film. A longer version of at least six hours is currently in post-production, which will be presented in museums and galleries in 2022.[6]

Psychology of the film[edit]

The film begins and ends with quotations from Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus:

" The struggle itself to the heights is enough to fill the heart of a man. One must imagine Sisyphus happy ".

" At the far end of this sustained effort measured by space without sky and depthless time, the goal is reached ". (The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus, Gallimard, 1942)


Following the premiere in France at Paris Fashion Week,[7] L'architecte textile celebrates the German premiere during Berlin Fashion Week January 19, 2018 at Kino Babylon.[8][9][10] On 17 February 2018 the film was screened at the Berlinale international film festival. The premiere in United States has been the 30 Avril 2018 at the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival.[11] On July 13, the film was presented in Warsaw at On Art Film Festival 2018 and won the On Art Award. L'architecte textile will be part of the XIIth Florence Biennale 2019.[12]

The film was critically acclaimed especially from professional trade magazines. [13][14][15]

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Year Award Category Recipient Result
2018 On Art Film Festival
First place (long - independent) Mika'ela Fisher Won
2018 Newport Beach Film Festival
Documentary Award (Art, Architecture & Design) Mika'ela Fisher Nominated
2019 Sonoma International Film Festival
Jury award (Fashion Feature Film) Mika'ela Fisher Nominated
2019 Florence Biennale
Film Art award (Design - Film Art) Mika'ela Fisher Nominated
2020 ARTE Non Stop Film Festival Best first feature documentary (cinema) Mika'ela Fisher Nominated
Best Opera Prima Film Mika'ela Fisher Won
Best Opera Prima Director Mika'ela Fisher Won


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