Láhko National Park

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Láhko National Park
Láhko National Park logo.svg
Location Nordland, Norway
Nearest city Bodø
Area 188 km2 (73 sq mi).
Established 14 December 2012
Governing body Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management

Láhko National Park (Norwegian: Láhko nasjonalpark) is a national park in the municipalities Gildeskål, Meløy and Beiarn in Nordland, Norway. The park contains unique geological features, including Norway's largest area of karst and caves. Rare plants and charales are also found inside the park. The park was established in December 2012 and covers an area of 188 km2 (73 sq mi).[1]


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Coordinates: 66°50′30″N 14°14′00″E / 66.84167°N 14.23333°E / 66.84167; 14.23333