Lázně Jeseník

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Location of Lázně Jeseník in the Czech Republic
Chapel on the Vincent Priessnitz vault, Gräfenberg Hill, Jeseník

Lázně Jeseník (until 1948 and in German Gräfenberg) is a small village in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. It is administratively part of the city of Jeseník (Freiwaldau).

The place is known for its connection with Vincent Priessnitz, an early proponent of hydrotherapy. Priessnitz had founded the first modern hydrotherapeutic institute in the world here. It is also known for the Sanatorium Priessnitz building (author Leopold Bauer) and many springs.

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Coordinates: 50°14′24″N 17°11′10″E / 50.24000°N 17.18611°E / 50.24000; 17.18611