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Origin Netherlands
Genres Hardcore punk, powerviolence, thrashcore, noisecore
Years active 1981–1987 2003-2012
Associated acts Manliftingbanner, Seein Red
Members Vocals - Menno
Vocals - Dorien
Guitar - Paul
Bass - Jos
Drums - Olav

Lärm (German for noise) were a Dutch vegan straight edge punk band formed in 1981, first playing under the name of Total Chaoz. They referred to their music as "extreme noise", though having nothing to do with noise rock or noise music.

Due to members being straight edge, which was something uncommon in the crust punk scene, Lärm were different from many bands at the time. Members went on to form Seein Red and the communist straight edge band Manliftingbanner, who played in a more conventional Hardcore Punk style.

Since 2003, Lärm played one show a year, though most have been with stand-in vocalists. Seein' Red has re-recorded some Lärm songs under the name Lärm as Fuck. They played their final show to date in 2012 with original vocalist Menno.


  • 1984 - Campaign for Musical Destruction (Eenheidsfront Records)
  • 1986 - End the Warzone Compilation (One Step Ahead Records)
  • 1986 - No One Can Be That Dumb
  • 1986 - Straight on View (One Step Ahead Records)
  • 1987 - Nothing Is Hard in This World if You Dare to Scale the Heights (Definite Choice)


  • 2003 - "Extreme Noise" (Coalition Records)

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