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Laatefossen Odde.jpg
The two joining streams
Photo: Knud Knudsen, around 1900
LocationOdda, Hordaland, Norway
Coordinates59°56′51.6″N 6°35′6.6″E / 59.947667°N 6.585167°E / 59.947667; 6.585167Coordinates: 59°56′51.6″N 6°35′6.6″E / 59.947667°N 6.585167°E / 59.947667; 6.585167
Total height165 metres (541 ft)

Låtefossen or Låtefoss is a waterfall located in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland County, Norway. The 165-metre (541 ft) tall waterfall is unique and thus it is a well-known tourist attraction in the area. It is special in that it consists of two separate streams flowing down from the lake Lotevatnet, and as they fall, the join together in the middle of the waterfall, just before going under the Norwegian National Road 13, making for a spectacular (and wet) view as one drives over the old, stone, six-arched bridge.[1][2]


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