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Country France
Basin features
Main source Vic-Bilh
River mouth Adour
43°41′12″N 0°14′39″W / 43.68667°N 0.24417°W / 43.68667; -0.24417 (Adour-Léez)Coordinates: 43°41′12″N 0°14′39″W / 43.68667°N 0.24417°W / 43.68667; -0.24417 (Adour-Léez)
Progression AdourAtlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 56 km (35 mi)

The Léez (Leez, Lées, Léès, Lees), is a left tributary of the Adour, in the Southwest of France.


This name proceeds from an Aquitanian hydronym Lez / Liz.


The Léez rises near Sedzère in the north of the plateau of Ger. It flows north through the Vic-Bilh in the east of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and joins the Adour in the French département of the Gers, upstream from Aire-sur-l'Adour.

Main tributaries[edit]

  • (L) the Petit-Léez,
  • (L) the Gabassot,
  • (R) the Larcis,
  • (R) the canal of Bernède, long of 2 km, fed by the Adour.