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Léogâne (Haitian Creole: Leyogàn) is an arrondissement in the Ouest department of Haiti. It has 300,982 inhabitants.[1] Postal codes in the Léogâne Arrondissement start with the number 62.

The arondissement consists of the following communes:


2010 7.0 earthquake[edit]

Further information: 2010 Haiti earthquake

On 12 January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the arrondissement. The city of Léogane was estimated to be 80–90% destroyed.[2] Petit Goâve was greatly affected by the quake.[3] All public buildings in Grand-Goâve were destroyed.[4]


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Coordinates: 18°30′39″N 72°38′02″W / 18.5108°N 72.6339°W / 18.5108; -72.6339Template:2010 Haiti