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Léon Jehin (17 July 1853 – 14 February 1928) was a conductor and composer, especially associated with musical life and the opera house in Monte Carlo.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Jehin was born at Spa, Belgium. studied at the conservatoire in Liege and then in Brussels. He was a violinist at La Monnaie in the Belgian capital, then conducted at Anvers, Aix-les-Bains and Covent Garden.[1] Having become an assistant conductor in Brussels, from 1889 until his death he was appointed the conductor of the Monte Carlo Opera in succession to Arthur Steck. His first performance there was leading Mireille.[2]

As well as conducting the central repertoire at the Monte Carlo opera, he conducted the premieres of the following operas:

In 1889 he married the mezzo-soprano Blanche Deschamps, with whom he had worked in Brussels.[2] In 1953 a centennial concert was held in his memory in the Casino.[1]

In 1910 at La Monnaie Jehin conducted Don Quichotte with the premiere cast and the Monte Carlo orchestra, as well as Ivan le terrible (premiere), and Le vieil aigle by Raoul Gunsbourg.[3] He died in Monaco, aged 74.


Jehin’s compositions include a Hymne à la Charte for soloists, chorus and orchestra (Monte-Carlo, 1889), Scherzo symphonique (1902), Intermezzo for horn and orchestra (1909), a Marche Inaugurale (for the opening of the Musée Océanographique, 1909) and a Suite symphonique (1921).[1]


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