Léopold Reichling

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Léopold Reichling
Leopold reichling before 1990 SNL.jpg
Born(1921-03-11)11 March 1921
Died2 May 2009(2009-05-02) (aged 88)

Léopold Reichling (March 11, 1921 in Luxembourg – May 2, 2009[1]) was a Luxembourg biologist and naturalist.

He is especially known for his publications in the fields of botany, zoology and nature conservation. He assembled three major scientific collections: an herbarium, a collection of heteroptera and a collection of human artefacts of the Stone Age.

The following taxa were named after Léopold Reichling:

Lichenoconium reichlingii Diederich 1986. Pycnidium with dark brown conidia. Photo: Paul Diederich.
Reichlingia leopoldii Diederich & Scheid., 1996.
Photo: Norbert Stapper.
Reichlingia leopoldii Diederich & Scheid., 1996. Details.
Photo: Norbert Stapper.


Léopold Reichling began his career in 1949 as a teacher of biology at the "Lycée de garçons" in Luxembourg-city. In 1957, he became professor of botany to the "Cours supérieurs de Luxembourg" (precursor of University of Luxembourg). Reichling is considered a pioneer of phytosociology in Luxembourg[6] and an eminent specialist in the flora of the Grand Duchy. After his retirement in 1981, he intensively devoted himself to the investigation of terrestrial heteroptera in Luxembourg.

Léopold Reichling was president of the Luxembourg Naturalist Society (Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois, SNL) (1962–1968) and of the league "Natura", an overhead organization of nature conservation. In 1997, he accepted the price “Hëllef fir d'Natur” in recognition of his research tasks and his commitment in favor of nature conservation in Luxembourg.

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