Léopold Szondi

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Léopold Szondi
Born 11 March 1893
Nitra, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia)
Died 24 January 1986(1986-01-24) (aged 92)
Küsnacht, Switzerland
Occupation Psychiatrist
Children Péter Szondi

Léopold Szondi (Hungarian: Szondi Lipót, pronounced [ˈlɛopold ˈsondi]; March 11, 1893 – January 24, 1986) was a Hungarian psychiatrist. He is known for the psychological tool that bears his name, the Szondi test.

Szondi was born in present-day Slovakia and raised in a German and Slovak-speaking Jewish family. In June 1944, he was deported with his family to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on the Kastner train. After 1700 American intellectuals paid a large ranson to Adolf Eichmann, Szondi, his family, and other prominent intellectuals were released to Switzerland in December 1944, where Szondi continued to live after the war.

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