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Lieutenant General Lê Nguyên Khang (11 June 1931 – 12 November 1996 )[1] was a Marine Commander of the Republic of Vietnam Marine Corps for South Vietnam. Commander of III Corps 9 June 1966. The President of the United States awards Silver Star for valor June 27 - 29, 1967. Described by General Wallace M. Greene, Jr., CMC USMC, "as one of the finest field commanders in Asia."

Early life[edit]

Lê was born in Sơn Tây, Hanoi, South Vietnam on 11 June 1931.[1]


  • Commander of the Marine Corps,
  • VNN Commander,
  • Commander of the Capital Military Zone,
  • Saigon-Gia Dinh Military Governor,
  • III Corps and III Tactical Zone Commander (1968)[2]
  • Representative of the Government in the Eastern Regions,
  • Deputy Chief of the Joint General Staff in Operations.


According to Republic of Vietnam Marine Corps sources, Lê died in Orange County, Virginia, USA on 12 November 1996.[1] However, according to noted Vietnam war historian, Spencer C. Tucker, the place of death was Hope, California.[3]


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