Lê Trung Tông (Revival Lê dynasty)

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Lê Trung Tông (chữ Hán: 黎中宗, 1535–1556), birth name Lê Duy Huyên (黎維暄), imperial name Vũ Hoàng đế, was an emperor of the Later Lê Dynasty, one of the 250 years of figurehead emperors, who reigned 1548–1556. He succeeded Lê Trang Tông (1533–1548) and was succeeded by Lê Anh Tông (1556–1573). Though power remained with the Nguyen Lords having seized control of the southern part of the country up to Thanh Hoa since 1545, and the north divided between the last emperors of the Mạc dynasty and the Trịnh Lords.


Preceded by
Lê Trang Tông
Emperor of Annam
Succeeded by
Lê Anh Tông