Lövstad Castle

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Lövstad Castle
Löfstads slott, den 10 december 2008, bild 9.JPG
Front view of the castle
General information
Architectural style Baroque
Country Sweden
Construction started 1630
Completed 1750s

Lövstad Castle (Swedish: Lövstads slott) is a château situated near Norrköping, the province of Östergötland, in Sweden. The name is sometimes spelled Löfstad, which is according to old Swedish spelling rules.

Lövstad originated in the 15th century, but the present building was erected by Axel Lillie in the 17th century. It came to the von Fersen family through Hedvig Catharina De la Gardie (who was the heir of her mother Hedvig Catharina Lillie) and to the Piper Family through Sophie Piper, who was the sister of count Axel von Fersen.

The present interior has remained intact since 1926, when the last owner died. Lövstad is today a museum open to the public with guided tours. There is a café and a restaurant at the castle.

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Coordinates: 58°33′00″N 16°02′28″E / 58.550°N 16.041°E / 58.550; 16.041