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Swedish Army, Air force
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Finnish Army
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Löjtnant (from French lieutenant) is a Swedish and Finnish military rank (in Finnish, luutnantti). In Sweden, it is a Swedish professional, reserve and conscripted military rank, immediately above Fänrik and just below kapten. In Sweden, the professional rank is obtained after two years as Fänrik. Finnish Defence Forces rank of Luutnantti is comparable to Ranks of NATO armies officers as OF-1.

Obtaining the rank in Finland[edit]

The Finnish army is bilingual; the rank is known in Swedish as löjtnant and Finnish as luutnantti.

One year of conscript training as officer cadet and three-year degree of Bachelor of Military Science (Finnish: sotatieteiden kandidaatti) at National Defence University. After 3-4 years and further studies, they can be promoted to yliluutnantti/premiärlöjtnant. Reservists may be promoted to lieutenants after a specified period of successful reservist training.

History and corresponding ranks in Sweden[edit]

Reform 1972[edit]

Holder of the rank löjtnant were elevated to kapten and holders of the following ranks were elevated to löjtnant

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