Löwe Automobil

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Löwe Automobil
Privately Held
Industry Automotive
Founded Berlin
Headquarters Berlin
Area served
Website loeweautomobil.de

Löwe Automobil is a German automotive part manufacturer that specializes in various car sensors. It is a brand of LASPA Berlin.[1]


Löwe Automobil products include mass flow sensors, fuel pressure regulators, oxygen sensors, universal oxygen sensors, idle speed controllers, and throttle position sensors.[2]

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the main focus of Löwe Automobil's airflow meter production.[3]

Löwe Automobil mass airflow meters are sold all over the world.


Because of the German letter "ö" in the word Löwe (German for lion), the company's name is a matter of some confusion — where both Lowe Automobil and Loewe Automobile are acceptable variations of the Anglicized spelling.[4]


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