Lü Ju

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Lü Ju
Traditional Chinese 呂據
Simplified Chinese 吕据

Lü Ju (died 256), courtesy name Shiyi (世議), was a military general of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. He was the second son of Lü Fan. When the Wei army invaded Wu's territory after the death of Sun Quan, Lü Ju went out to battle under the command of Zhuge Ke along with Ding Feng where they defeated the army of Cao Wei at the Battle of Dongxing. Lü Ju later committed suicide after being cornered by Sun Chen.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Vice Army Colonel (副軍校尉)
  • General of the Household Who Pacifies the Army (安軍中郎將)
  • Lieutenant General (偏將軍)
  • Colonel of Yue Cavalry (越騎校尉)
  • General Who Defeats Wei (蕩魏將軍)
  • Right Section Inspector to the Crown Prince (太子右部督)
  • General on the Right (右將軍)
  • General of Agile Cavalry (驃騎將軍)

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