Lüneburg Water Tower

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Lüneburg Water Tower and the Nordlandhalle parkingdeck to the left

Lüneburg Water Tower (German: Wasserturm Lüneburg) is a water tower in the southeastern part of the Lüneburg old town in Lower Saxony, Germany. The erection of the water tower was initiated on 3 October 1905, designed by the architect Franz Krüger (1873–1936). It was taken into use in November 1907.[1] The water tower is 55 metres (180 ft) tall, and is the tallest building in the Lüneburg old town that is not a church, and it stand between the considerably newer Nordlandhalle and the Johanneum, the latter now functioning as a school. The building consists of a square base of 18 metres (59 ft) and a round portion which is walled up around a 500 cubic metres (18,000 cu ft) large water tank. The upper part is carried by 16 solid columns.


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